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  1. yah I did, I was told " let me check and I'll get back to you when I have an answer" ...... never heard back, it has been months.
  2. Hello, Several month ago I bought a new Les Paul Double Cut Bass. Beside the fact that immediately became my number one bass I really liked the sound of the strings that came from factory. After a truck load of shows ( I play in an ACDC cover band) I did replace em with D'Addario EXL160s which are my normal choice for short scale, but for some reason they didn't sound as good as I remembered the stock strings sounding. I emailed tech support and asked em what come stock on their basses, but I got no answer. Anybody has any ideas of what Gibson use? I know they do make guitar st
  3. AlexReverb


    Hello folks, after visiting my brother in Italy I discovered that he had saved for me one of the first guitars i ever owned The guitar was totally disassembled and the neck appears to be aftermarket... but after reassembling here in the States I was amazed in how the neck was still straight as an arrow, so i decided to bring it back to life and I was looking for a little more info on the old school axe. the serial on the neck says SE 1480 (not SB) ...I did a little research and I could not find anything about it. The truss rod cover says 600st so I'm assuming it's a stryker model but
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