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    Hello folks, after visiting my brother in Italy I discovered that he had saved for me one of the first guitars i ever owned The guitar was totally disassembled and the neck appears to be aftermarket... but after reassembling here in the States I was amazed in how the neck was still straight as an arrow, so i decided to bring it back to life and I was looking for a little more info on the old school axe. the serial on the neck says SE 1480 (not SB) ...I did a little research and I could not find anything about it. The truss rod cover says 600st so I'm assuming it's a stryker model but the pick up configuration and switches appears to be different from what I see ion the Kramer databases. The pickup are missing so I'm also looking for advices in regard of what to get (along with all the screws and humbacker plate) and wiring schematics thanks
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