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  1. Hey all, I own a 2014 Traditional Pro II, with the option to make the humbuckers act like single coil pickups via a push/push potentiometer in the volume coil. My treble volume pot has gone bad, in that it's always in the "up" position. I assume the mechanism has gone back and it won't catch when pushed, so it just pops right back up again. This has the undesired effect of making the bridge pickup always in single coil mode. I picked up a 500k Push/Pull from the local music store and paid them $25 to swap it out. When I got home I noticed two things - The in and out positions both appear to be humbucking mode, IE it wouldn't switch to single coil mode even with the pot popped out.The o The volume doesn't actually go all the way off. Full volume is fine, but 0 is still about half volume, I'd guess. So 2 questions - Did the guy just totally F up the soldering? Or is it possible that the push/pull pot I purchased was either defective, or not compatible with the pickup? I would have expected the push/pull vs push/push to be completely compatible.
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