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  1. iPhone plans here on contract, range from 31 USD to 95 USD monthly. The one off cost of the phone from the least expensive plan to the most, is $320 to $500 USD. By comparison a Blackberry plan is 18 USD a month, for limited data, which does not include full browsing. A full data plan for Blackberry is 36 USD. For me in the UK, on 02, I pay £15 a month Pay-as-you-go for a Blackberry data plan, 500mb of data and 500 free domestic texts.
  2. iPhone data plans in my part of the Caribbean are ridiculously priced, so I use Blackberry, I am planning on getting one of the new iPod touches though.
  3. Terrified of lizards. I don't mind spiders as much, although during my first year of college in the UK, I saw a few on the outside of the window, so that window, needless to say, remained shut for the entire year. Whether that counts, or is just good common sense, to not have any fresh air in the room and preventing spiders from coming in, (I was on the ground floor) I don't know?
  4. I believe that there is a replacement programme being carried out by Apple for the 1st Gen Ipod Nano. I think it's because of a battery problem where it may overheat. You might want to watch out for that. http://www.mobilehotspot.ca/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/iPodnanocatchesfire.jpg That's like worse case though.
  5. :unsure: *nervously looks around. which do you have?
  6. The Avatar sounds great! Something definitely to look into buying! I have a Phaez Sibly btw.
  7. If he wasn't before, he is now.
  8. 2005 Corolla NZE, thats mine, but I use a 2012 Rav4 as well.
  9. Phone is a Blackberry Curve 9300, my laptop is a Lenovo W520 and I use an Ipod Nano from 2005 that I use at gym, but not otherwise usually. Video gaming gadget wise is my PS3.
  10. I like the Jet City JCA20 for anything from blues to rock.
  11. Got a little further with my head cab.
  12. Be sure to learn the basics first and most importantly the safety aspect as others have said. Once you know ins and outs of fixing amps with regard to the dangerous parts of the amps, just have at it. Its kinda comparable, though missing the danger aspect, but when I started soldering and rewiring guitars, I didn't bother to look at any sort of theory. I ripped out everything from my Gibson and had at it. Obviously if there were some danger to doing that I would have become familiar with that aspect first.
  13. Here's one I started yesterday. About 1/3 done, its a head cab for my Phaez Sibly. Also I'm improving on some things I didn't like on my Les Paul Skylark, so I have thinned the neck and am rewiring it. Lastly, I found what I think is some 40 odd year old pine, so I'm working on some plans and templates for a Pine-caster. I drew a small pickguard for it, so thats the only template I've started so far. Here's a pic:
  14. If they had smashed the Gibson, there would undoubtedly be a similar discussion of why would they waste a Gibson to smash it. but yes, I did notice when I saw it for the first time a while back.
  15. MyLesPaul, jbonamassa.com/forum, and a Jet City forum (which is really quiet). I sometimes browse LPF and the Marshall forum, but I'm not members of the last two.
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