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  1. Simply, I've never seen a fake Gibson LP with Gibson labeled board and pots.... I don't think the Chibsons are there yet. I think it's real. I've also seen pictures of your guitar on other forums - and I think it looks totalay rad. Hope it rocks as good as it looks.
  2. Sorry. Not the answer you want to hear..... but, it's not really their (Guitar Centers) fault. Even if you buy a new guitar from them, they will charge extra for an additional post-factory set-up. They get the guitar, there is a bad nut, it's Gibsons issue. NOW - IF they are going to charge you for a nut replacement, they SHOULD HAVE explained the charges PRIOR to replacement. And that's something you would have agreed to before sending it out. Basically, the issue is with you, not them. They sold the guitar and you were happy when you walked out with it. If the charge is nominal,
  3. Another indicator that it could be a fake is that on the back of the neck there is a bump where the neck meets the headstock. That's not there on the original Gibson or Epiphone neck, but found on the Chibsons. In addition, the "Gibson" is incorrect and there should be a white edge along the truss rod cover. Also the inlay around the hole doesn't appear correct. You can go online and compare it to anything else out there, there's too much that screams fake to me.
  4. Agree with above. You can find an Epiphone Hummingbird Artist for under 200. Might as well get that. I have one and it's a nice guitar. Stays in tune, sounds great, nice action. http://www.musiciansfriend.com Has it for 190. Looks like a Chibson fake. I would pass on it. You never know how much trouble it will be in the long run... Generally people complain that the Chibsons have bridge nut/ action too high. Incorrect string spacing..... it goes on. More trouble than they are worth. And the guy is probably selling it because it doesn't play well. Search for Hummingbird Acoustic Guit
  5. On my 17 GT Tribute T, I have the chip under the pickguard, too. I thought of a way to prevent it with tape, and such, but the fix would probably be worse than the chip. I would think that Gibson would use a smaller screw and nut. But I suppose you need a stable surface for the guard to lay on, so the screw may be that way by design. I don't think we would want a wobbly pickguard. My ES-125 pickguard has the screw where the f-hole is. So it's a bit wobbly, and occasionally I'm afraid of damaging it when I finger pick or strum. It's surprising how it's held up for all these long 60 years
  6. Now, don't go crazy by throwing it ! Take it back to GC and exchange it for a 2017 Tribute T. With pencil graphite and 9-46 DÁdarrio stings, I have no problems with it staying in tune. I ordered mine through GC and opened the box, so their techs couldn't get their fingers on it. I kept it factory setup - the string and pickup height and action are perfect. I love playing this guitar. Check out the reviews, there are nothing but good things to be said about the 2017 Tribute. Plus, it smells really good ! You unfortunately found out why that 2016 Tribute has been in the shop for so l
  7. Good Point L5Larry. It looked to me that the letter might have been covered over by the guard. But, I see that you have seen this SN before :)
  8. There should be a letter before the 4 digit number : Letter (year) : 4digit lot number : guitar number There are posts out there that will give you the letter/year. http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/88651-serial-number-and-date-for-es-125/ Try to find the letter. Good Luck !
  9. Thanks Telemike ! After reading your post I packed up my 94 Ibanez and my near new Epi Les Paul GT Traditional Pro and went out to GC. I wanted to try out and compare the Tribute to the Epi Traditional. I loved playing the Epi and had no problems with it. And even though I have had the Ibanez for 20 years, it didn't get much use. I just didn't like playing it as time went on. With the Epi LP and my ES-125, the case on the Ibanez never got opened. Like I said, I loved the Epi LP Traditional. But, the Gibson LP Tribute is worlds nicer. I loved the weight and the way it handled. Cosmetic
  10. Thanks Twang Gang (BTW I Love your LP in the LP forum) Since I put the ES back together, I haven't put it down. I play this guitar for hours each day. I love it. It's easy to play, stays in tune, sounds great acoustic and through my Blues Jr. I'm playing songs that I haven't played in 30yrs. Blues, Jazz, fingerpicking - it all sounds great on this guitar. Jim Bastian : RetroGuitarParts / IslandFunHouse : Sent out the tailpiece ASAP. And it was an Exact replacement. Little background : I learned how to play off this guitar. It actually belongs to my brother. So it's been several stat
  11. A totally hot Emma Stone is on the cover of this weeks Rolling Stone. I was paging through while waiting for a hair cut when I saw this : http://www.rollingstone.com/music/pictures/inside-gary-clark-jrs-juke-joint-couture-w459173 Pretty Cool to see the ES-125 in the mainstream. Now every dentist, lawyer and doctor will have to have one. :)
  12. PowerwagonJohn Totally agree, the tailpieces are really hard to find. I found the exact cloverleaf after 2 weeks of web searching. I stumbled upon a forum post from 2009 that was about the ES-125 tailpiece replacement. The poster mentioned Jim Bastian / Island Fun House Vintage Guitar and Parts. I sent an email to him and he had the exact piece that he was willing to part with - for a "if you really want it" - but fair - price. BTW, I've flooded every vintage guitar shop trying to find this piece ! The ES-125 will not be my daily player. But, I figured that if the opportunity is there to
  13. Hey everyone I have a 1956 ES-125 that has been in the family for over 30years. The tail piece has broken - so I ordered the standard replacement. https://www.amazon.com/WD-Music-T120N-GIBSON-TAILPIECE/dp/B0006ZP9L4 The top 2 holes between the original and the replacement match. The replacement doesn't have the hole for the strap button, instead there is a 3rd hole for a screw. Which looks like it would go into the hole for the strap button. We lost the strap button decades ago, and I don't plan to replace it. So my questions are 1. Can I just use the top two holes to attach th
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