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  1. Stole this from Gibson's Facebook page. While Joe is known for collecting playing vintage electrics, these look mostly of recent vintage. Anyone know any info on Joe's acoustic collection?
  2. I have one from 2007. Love everything about it. Gets the most playing time of them all. Big thick V neck feels wonderful. This photo is from the for sale post.
  3. Man, beautiful stables here. Here is my humble offering.
  4. All of these are beautiful! Love 'Birds Here is my '94 Hummingbird Not mine but this one has a massive top!
  5. Great shots everyone. Great to see all those Hummingbirds getting some love. I always liked this shot. It shows the guitar nicely.
  6. Because most collectors collect for the love of the item. Discussing price takes away from the appreciation of the item for the item's sake, and takes it to an investment/monetary discussion. Not all collectors are rich. They may overextend themselves, or overpay for a highly prized, rare item. Asking them how much it cost takes them back to the acquisition, and not to the pride of owning the item. Plus it is just classless.
  7. I share your concern about theft. Heritage Music Instrument Insurance solved that concern. www.musicins.com $20,000 of insurance for 200.00 a year. Covers you at home, while gigging, accidental damage. I will never be without it.
  8. OP - This is not the guard I purchased from Fuller's. I have no expeience with this particular guard, so all my previous comments are not applicable.
  9. Kerry Cash at Kerry's Guitar Shop up here in Bedford. He does all my work. I don't live in Houston.
  10. One other thing. I would have it put on by someone who knows what they are doing. These see through guards will show any bubbles that form under the guard when being installed. I would mention that to whoever you have install it, so they take extra precautions. I have seen this being discussed on here as an issue, even on new True Vintage models from Gibson.
  11. I can't say if it is an actual Gibson True Vintage pickguard or a run that Fullers had made by someone. I have had it side by side with my buddie's True Vintage and we could not tell the difference. I fell in love with that clear pickguard when the True Vintage Hummingbird came out. I just happened to mention it while in Fuller's one day and Jeremy went in the back and came out with that, I had to have it. As far as size, it was a direct match to the one that came of my 'Bird.
  12. Just to clear up some confusion here . The ones Fuller's sell are neither rubber or tortoise. They are the red see through type that comes on the True Vintage model. I prefer that look. I replaced the tortoise pickguard on my '94 with one purchased from Fuller's. Embarrased to say, but I don't have a good picture of her now. This is the best I could find. This is my 1994 Hummingbird with the True Vintage pickguard.
  13. Great cover! Sounds awesome. That is our band's " time to close out your bar tab and get the heck out of here" song. We do the original,Santo and Johnny version with pedal steel.
  14. Try Fuller's. They stock the hummingbird pickguard like comes on the TV model. I do not like the mock tortise pickguard on a bird. I looked long and hard for one of the TV guards. Fuller's was the only place I could find one. They may have they SJ200 equivelant
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