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  1. Some sort of info to that effect (xxx post minimum) would have been nice to know in advance...
  2. Well, this is very interesting...I was also wondering what happened to the lounge. I read frequently but post (very) infrequently...
  3. The star you're seeing might also be Sirius, aka the Dog star. It is the brightest star in the sky as seen from the Earth (sun excluded), and being relatively far down in the sky as seen from Chicago it usually twinkles a lot giving you the flashing colors phenomenon. The twinkling is caused by atmospheric turbulance slightly bending the light rays before they reach your eyes, which can occur on even the clearest of nights. If you can make out the Orion constellation, specifically the 3 belt stars, just use the 3 belt stars as a pointer to Sirius. Follow the line of the belt stars down and toward the left and you'll bump right into Sirius.
  4. Here's mine. 2008 American deluxe ash. I think the color is called 'aged cherry burst'.
  5. I may have to wait until it comes out on cable, but I'm looking forward to seeing it (whenever that may be). In tribute, here's another shot from the "Tour of the Hemispheres", December 1978. I was being bounced around by the crowd on top of a friend's shoulders to get that shot. Published here for the 1st time ever.
  6. I've been a big fan since '76. Here's a pic I took during the "Tour of the Hemispheres" in December 1978:
  7. I've been lurking in this forum for a couple months now, and I figure joining the faded club looks like a good starting point for stepping out of the shadows. I had a mid-70's goldtop deluxe in my college years. Like an idiot I sold it and for various reasons didn't touch a guitar for years. Last spring when the wife was out of town and I had nothing better to do, I pulled my old acoustic out of the closet...and got bit by the guitar bug hard! In Sept I bought a new Strat...it was good, but I still longed for the Les Paul of my youth. So in Jan I picked up this little baby. Not as spectacular as many I've seen here, but it still sounds great and it's mine!
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