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  1. You can clear off that dye by piece of cotton rag quite fast, so it doesn't stain your fingers any more. I had that SG for a month and was very dissapointed altogether. Returned it and added 200$ extra for Gibson LP Studio 2016 which feels and plays like a professional instrument and I love it. "High end" and signature Epiphones showed to me no better than their much cheaper versions... I'll never buy one again. I actually have Epi SG PRO and LP Goth and considering they were both around 300 USD, they are solid guitars. Paying over 800$ for Tonny Iommi Epi is a rip off... It's basically SG PRO with TI pick ups and shitty neck (for me at least).
  2. I didn't find it to cause any issue as well to be honest ( didn't even notice it before I went to adjust the action). Thanks for the advice, I'll leave it as it is.
  3. I received a short reply from Gibson Europe. They will send pair of thumbweels free of charge, however they mention it is courtesy as damage is not covered by warranty... Nice to receice new parts, but I hope new pair will be better. I did send them photos of broken pieces as well as apparent rust/dirt marks in one of the two treads, but I guess they don't think it's a big issue and want to close the thing down. I also think marks on nut are from the strings and not the wear. Those were 10-46 factory strings, I guess nickel wounded. Bridge is indeed chrome plated. One question from my side. While strings were on, even with original factory setup, both e strings were touching back of the bridge behind saddles. Tailpiece was already quite high. I didn't see it as an issue, sound was OK, but should I maybe try to round wrap the tailpiece or something?
  4. Yes I did that and I'm waiting for their feedback. Material of the bridge should be aluminium, chrome plated I think (saddles are titanium), for the thumb wheels I'm not sure. As guitar is now without strings I made some more inspection: - I can see light string marks on e,B and E on titanium zero fret nut. I hope it will not create grooves over time, which would be relly dissapointing for titanium nut... - Bottom of truss rod cover, just below the bottom screw, was too long and touching the nut base, making a small dent. I sanded the extra off and it is OK now, actual dent is obsolete, but the point is that whoever was screwing truss rod cover and making the setup in the factory HAD TO NOTICE this... Amazing they didn't rectify it, but just let it be... I mean don't get me wrong, I still love this guitar for all that it represents to me, but some bad things that I read about Gibson on forums seem to have valid grounds now... I know it's not Custom shop, but these kind of things should not be happening on a new 2200 USD Gibson Les Paul Classic, and with HP mark for that matter... Slightly dissapointed to say the least.
  5. Well I didn't receive a reply from anyone yet, I'm now wondering if they will really ask me to send the complete guitar for this, cause I will not do that... I did slacken the strings before adjustments, yes. From what I can see, it looks like material of the threads is too soft and too thin for what is supposed to do ( well obviously, since both broke ). One of the studs even looks a bit corroded inside the hex thread, but it might be just a dirt, I'm not sure. Most tragic thing is that I cannot enjoy guitar anymore till this is fixed...
  6. I just found out that the other thumb weel thread broke... This is b...s...! They would want to send the guitar in? AD is in Germany, I'm in Croatia, it's out of question. I just need new thumb weels I will purchase them if required (this is like 10 USD thing)... Thing is I cannot find WHERE to buy this exact bridge, yet alone just the thumb weels. I see below bridge it's written API but it gives nothing on google.
  7. https://drive.google.com/file/d/14SmVTIRWPucOzDwqRecuS7U1bfHYGFsp8A/view?usp=drivesdk and the photo of bridge/thread damage right after removing the locking cap. Once I removed the strings and the bridge, the piece of thread just fell off the thumb wheel...
  8. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L9s6eH9fd2ixdkDRskOiGZR3RANezfVpdw/view?usp=drivesdk I hope photo will upload. I tried to lower the action yesterday, forst time after purchasing the guitar and noticed that thumb wheel on bass side is somewhat harder to turn and adjust with allen key. It felt like damaged thread. When I removed the top locking pin it was obvious... I sent the warranty claim to Gibson and Thomann to send me the new thumb weel and now wait for the reply. I was even looking to purchase a pair soonest as these should not be expensive, but I cannot find matching thumb wheels anywhere online. This is aluminium bridge (Nashville type looks to me) with titanium saddles and Tone Lock studs (guitar is hp line). Does anyone know where to look for similar replacement studs without replacing the whole bridge?
  9. Before buying my first Gibson few days ago, I was researching forums and trying out various available models of LP and SG guitars (both Gibson and Epi) for good 8 months, and when it comes to playing, it didn't really matter T or HP, except that fast access heel was really making a difference for me. On the other hand upgrades on HP attracted me as something new, cause I respect tradition, but will personally always try something different. What was bothering me was proven failures with G-force and brass nut on 2015 line, but I was kind of thinking if Gibson still sticks to those for 2017, then they must have improved on lessons learned. Finally I decided on 2017 Classic line simply because of looks (Green Ocean Burst color combined with all in chrome). Nothing more. If same color was available in Standard line, or some of the 2016 and even 2015 models I would pick those, although I now kind of like slightly heavier guitar feeling of Classic and the fact that it is brand new model. I always failed to understand posts that "hated" HP upgrades, especially after 2015, when choice was available, and then again some things like G-force and even the nut are easily replacable if you don't like them. Or simply just buy T and ignore HP... I was mostly concerned about quite a lot of complaints on Gibson QC lately and the fact I was ordering online from another country, however my experience is more than satisfactory and I happened to receive a great instrument. Having it for few days now, I don't see myself buying T line over HP, now that I actually tried it.
  10. Thanks man, I sure don't mind you mentioning that, I would love to avoid fret buzz as well, but as much as I was tweaking and adjusting bridge/truss rod, I couldn't get reasonably lower than standard action on my Epi guitars, without fret buzz. It's not so bad, especially not over the amp, but it is annoying and for sure damaging overall sound of the guitar. I might try to lower a bit action on my new Classic, but with zero fret nut I think that will be much easier to achieve... And one update, as I played this morning, G string was going out of tune few times in a row after the bends. I hope it's just the string stretching still and not G-force issue, because I do like the thing and what it does... But if it will annoy me I'll put Rotomatics in a blink and install G-force on Epi Goth ...
  11. Hello everyone. Just received this beauty last evening (I hope photo will upload correctly, as I'm doing it for the first time). This is my first ever Gibson and since it was an online purchase, I was very nervous due to numerous (negative) forum posts I read in past few months about Gibson price vs. quality past few years, HP line in general, etc..., As this is my first real post after reading this forum for months, I will try to give my best shot and share my honest personal impressions and certain facts about this guitar, which could possibly help someone (as there are no many reviews yet anyway). One amazing fact is that on the same day I received the guitar, Gibson posted their 2017 line on their site and Rob and Captain finally released their review of 2017 Classic line... Just to give you an idea, I got back into playing guitar an year ago, after a long pause of 14 years. As a teenager in 90-ties, I couldn't afford proper guitar and was playing home made acoustic, and a cheap strat copy (which was like a top notch for me back then). Les Paul was alwas a dream due to many of my heroes playing it, but never got to touch one... In the past 12 months I owned and played Epi LP Goth, Epi SG G-400 and Gibson SG Standard 2016 T (in that order, and Gibson SG I only borrowed for couple of days). I like all of those guitars a lot, but I must admit I was not really "struck" by any of them and although EPI ones are relatively cheap and expected to be a bit lower standard, i was somewhat disappointed with Gibson SG (I didn't really "feel" a big difference vs. Epi SG). As I progressed with practice, I started to think about treating myself with first serious purchase and kind of first "real" instrument in my life. Prices of Gibson LP Standard 2015 line dropped quite low in Europe during December and I was very close to pull the trigger on 2015 WRC LP Standard, although not 100% happy with super wide neck and already proven faulty brass zero nut, and G-Force and all the bad publicity all those 2015s were getting... I personally kind of liked the ideas behind the HP line and when I saw 2017 Green Ocean Burst Classic "in stock", it was love at first sight, with all the improvements of the HP line compared to 2015 (titanium nut, improved G-force, only slightly wider neck, easy access heel). Price was a bit more, but I knew that was that... When I received it yesterday, I immediately realized what everyone was saying regarding "guitars that play themselves" and difference between cheap and serious guitars. I'm not a professional and definitely not experienced with a lot of guitars behind my belt, but I actually FELT the difference immediately. Ease of playing, sound (I honestly had impression I play through different amp as well...), so many tone options, just a feel... I mean I'm sorry if I overreact, but I was truthfully impressed and blasted by this guitar. Setup was great out of the box and although action is a bit higher then I set on my other guitars (always includes fret buzz unfortunately), I don't intend to lower it for now, as it just doesn't bother me and plays as butter... I inspected every bit of hardware, I really cannot find any flaws. There was some white thingy on the last two numbers of serial on the head stock, and I was shocked thinking it is a paint flaw, but it went away with a bit of wiping with a cloth... All in all generally super happy with first impressions... Some details: 1. G-force tuners - FYI, I was so skeptical about these, that I ordered Grover Rotomatics 502C together with guitar, but after checking out G-force yesterday, I don't intend to replace them just yet... I mean it is a great feature and easy to operate and I don't perform in clubs just yet, so appearance doesn't bother me really... I will experiment with various tunings and give it a try with G-force for some time... In my opinion, Gibson should just make actual tuning knobs of the G-force a bit more cosmetically attractive and more people could start accepting these. I also still need to check out string exchange with these to see how that works. 2. Zero fret nut - great feature for action adjustment in my opinion and knowing specs of titanium, I don't see why I would want classic nut over this one, except appearance, which doesn't bother me on the nut 3. Wider neck - I don't feel a real difference, but I'm not a professional player + I have relatively big hands and wider neck could actually benefit my playing. If you would know some of the necks I was learning on unfortunately, you would understand that I cannot be impressed with 1 mm difference in neck width... 4. Fast access heel - for me, one of the best features of HP line and in my case it removes the need to own an SG/double cut for good. Limited access with traditional LP was really bothering me and this solves that issue completely. 5. All-in-Chrome hardware - personal choice for every individual, but I like it, same as no poker chip and same as easy removable pick guard which doesn't leave holes in my guitar 6. Pick ups, sound, versatility - I mean just great. I still need to explore a lot of options and sounds on a long journey that it would be... No fret buzz, no dead notes, frets are literally PERFECT. Pick ups are 5-pin quick connect, so very easy to exchange. 7. Accessories - Aluminium case looks great quality but it is quite bulky. I don't care really, but for someone carrying guitar around, this thing with guitar in is over 15kg... usual paperwork inside with final inspection photo, charger for G-force, Gibson strap (not bad at all, but not top quality as well), very nice multi-tool, wiping cloth and 2 quick connect adapters in case you wish to install non quick connect pick ups to this guitar Overall, I give this guitar 10 out of 10, but I realize I might be a bit too subjective and a bit too impressed at this point. I also must say that although I respect tradition and all, I think HP line gadgets are actual improvement, and I would personally make "hybrid" guitars if I was Gibson, with some of the new things combined with traditional things. I understand G-force tuners might be a turn off to many, but I don't see how a zero fret nut and especially fast access heel could be unwanted on a LP guitar. For cosmetics, it's a matter of personal choice and there will always be for and against on those... Thank you Gibson!
  12. Thanks guys. I'm really determined and enjoying every moment, without any pressure.
  13. Greetings to all members. Decided to join as I will shortly become an owner of new LP Classic 2017 HP in GOB... What a magnificent peace of instrument... My first Gibson ever btw... Restarted playing a year ago on Epi LP and Epi SG, after being off for 14 years (36 now). With all the online tools these days I noticed my progress is way faster than in my teenage years and I love and enjoy every moment of practice and playing. Complete stress reliever and burst of positive energy. Trust LP will skyrocket motivation even more... Also noticed that online communities of guitar players are filled with positive people and mind relieving topics around music, and I hope this forum will be that kind od sanctuary as well.
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