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  1. No... can't enter Registration key in my Standard Edition. Unlocked DVS is on my backup-PC, so will check that one later.
  2. OK.... so this wil NOT become a general issue. Luckily for many (?) of you. No, I do not just enter my registration number. For what I recall it went something like this: First I had to generate some request file from within DD2. This I had to upload into a personal account on the Cakewalk site, which generated a registration file. I downloaded the registration file and imported it into DD2. Done! But since quite some time Cakewalk does not support this registration method anymore, so I'm blocked for new installs. Even reinstalling Windows on my DJ PC has become a dangerous thing. I never realized that there was an easy registration method. Are we all talking version 2.73 beta? Are there different 2.73 versions then? I'm even not sure if there's a way to enter such a number in DD, can't verify that right now. It's Luis who had sent me the unlocked version. I will see one of these days if I can enter my registration key (showing in DD) in it. With a bit of luck this might render it fully functional. On the other hand... it's a DVS version and my registration was for the Standard Edition. So I have no clue if it can work at all.
  3. Indeed, and alas........ 😥 Best would be in fact -as Scoox mentioned- that the source code becomes available and continues as an Open Source Project. Mostly because next to some possible nice additions, a number of corrections or ameliorations need to be applied. I've got another major concern however! I'm thinking of replacing my DJ-laptop and currently there is NO WAY TO ACTIVATE Deckadance 2 on another PC. OK, there is an unlocked version available, but alas it appears to be not fully functional. For instance, Automix seems not to work in that version. The activation issue may be a hard reality for everyone heading towards a laptop replacement.
  4. I totally agree. Thanks to the scripting language one can accomplish incredible things. Me too, I fully customize my controller mappings. But I suppose that most of you don't invest in this scripting facility, and therefor don't see what Scoox is talking about. This is not just about different behaviour when pressing a button or shift-pressing it. This is about a button reacting in different manners depending on different settings. For example, the PLAY button reacting differently whether AUTOMIX is set or not. This is also about performing multiple actions when pressing a button. For instance, the LOAD button not only loading the track, but also turning off FX mode and looping, and resetting the EQ's. This is also about your LED's lighting in a fully personalized way, including blink, slow blink, fast blink, ... depending on current states. Or getting ALL of your LED's flashing when you reach the end of a track, for instance. This is also about your mapping being available as a script, which makes developing and modifying extremely transparant. And if ever your controller breaks down, you don't have to spend days to correctly link all buttons to there respective actions again. There is the Mixxx DJ software that allows similar scripting. Sadly, this is an open source project that -though it does quite a good job- has a number of disadvantages that make it little useful for professional and semi-professional use. Next to Mixxx and Deckadance I am not aware of any other similar software. I have looked at Traktor. It seems to offer a lot of possibilities for mapping, but I do not see the easy script method that Deckadance uses. And most of all ... I just really like Deckadance. So me too, I would much like to see it continued.
  5. Luis, I already asked by replying to similar topics, probably you missed them. It's getting quite urgent by now. I would like to set up a backup PC and also reinstall my DJ PC. Please send me activation keys for 2.72/2.73 Standard Edition for both PCs. Thanks, Raf
  6. Thanks for your reply, but I'm a bit too lazy to go for trial and error. I could write a script to easily find out (already did similar to get all midi values for LEDs), but I prefer to wait for Luis. I guess he'll soon provide the necessary values. (valueS of course, 'cuz A-B-C-D ) All depends in which degree he has the time to follow this up lately.
  7. Don't see a TAP-command in the dd_commands.h. Do I have the wrong 2.73? Reinstalled it from the link above, still none. Or which command value do I use?
  8. Raf VDM


    Luis, I am setting up a backup PC, so I need activation for DD 2.73. Would be best that I also reinstall my DJ PC, so I actually need 2 activations. Thank you, Raf
  9. I am a bit into the Flanger and Reverb issues again as I am writing a script for the Numark Mixtrack 3 Pro that I got myself. I noticed something that could help, and could also explain why not everyone has this issue. First note that when I say Administrator Account, I do not mean THE Administrator account, I did not try that one. I mean the initial account that was created on initial install of Windows, the first user that you create with Administrator rights. I generally run everything as a standard user, no administrator rights. When I run DD as a standard user, DD crashes as soon as the Flanger effect is started. But when I run it on my Administrator account, it appears to go well! I have tried this multiple times, up to now there's no crash and it Flangles perfectly. Then -just to try- I changed the standard account to an administrator account, and tried the Flanger. Bam.... crash! I changed the standard account back to standard, then ran DD with right click and "Run as Administrator". Works great! I have DD set up now to run on my standard user with compatibility settings "Always run as Administrator". I have used it on a few occasions like that by now, I'm still good. Hope this helps any one also suffering from the same issue, and of course helps Luis to get to a solution. What is a bit strange is that the crash does not occur on all of my PC's, although they are all set up in the same way: 1 Administrator, all others standard users. Reverb also works fine, but I did not test if it crashes DD on my PC when ran without Administrator rights. Maybe some one else can give that one a go?
  10. Hi Luis,

    I've written scripts for a Mixtrack 3 Pro which I plan to use tomorrow.

    I'm setting up a backup PC just in case, but I can't activate DD on it, invalid Cakewalk password.

    I've requested a new password but never get the Cakewalk mail and to get in touch with the support team, I must sign in first???

    Some pages "Under Construction" so probably ...

  11. The "secret" shortcut on 2.73 works great. And I still think that there is no need for even better solutions. This is already a very big improvement for script writers. Thank you.
  12. Hi Luis, Sorry, I have been "out of business" for a while. I should be back now. About the Flanger crashing DD ... I have reinstalled all audio related drivers on my Windows 7. On the rare occasions where I could allow myself to test the Flanger and other FX while risking to crash DD ... ALL WENT WELL! Nor the Flanger nor any other FX crashed DD. This was with 2.61 and twice with 2.72. So it seems it was indeed a driver issue, confirming your statement that there should be no problem with the Flanger. Alas, as I refreshed all suspected drivers at once, I have no idea which one was broken. If ever it happens again, of course I will let you know.
  13. Don't tell me ... You can always try to blame "the computer", some people still get fooled by that one! Just came to mind ... Updates are disabled on my DJ partition. One forced reboot in the middle of a gig was enough! So maybe this is simply related to something outdated like a driver. I'll keep you posted.
  14. Luis, My DJ laptop has 2 bootable partitions: DJ partition runs Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit with DD 2.62. Flanger mostly crashes DD 2.62 there. General partition runs Windows 10 Home 64-bit. I had tested 2.72 on this one, I can't remember if I ever tried 2.61 here. Anyway, Flanger never crashed DD 2.72 there on the Windows 10. I have tried 2.72 on the Windows 7 partition and Flanger crashed DD at first use. Could it be related to Windows 7? I will try out all 4 combinations one of these days. Unless you tell me that's not necessary?
  15. These are more elaborated setups for the Numark DJ2Go for Deckadance 2. They don't always follow the layout of the DJ2Go, but do offer a wider range of functionalities. If you prefer the controls to correspond to your DJ2Go's layout, you will need another script, i.e. TheMoroney DJ2Go. The current versions are not thoroughly tested yet, I made some last minute changes and that always presents a risk. But I consider them as usable, so feel free to try them out and pass me your remarks. The attached .zip file contains the following scripts and documentation: - configuration for External Mixer - configuration for Internal Mixer - configuration for Internal Mixer with basic functions only I sometimes use a 4 deck configuration that I do not include for now. The DJ2Go is made to control 2 decks, so controlling 4 decks is not evident and you are likely to fail from time to time during your performance. But if you really like to try out the 4 deck configuration, you can let me know. You will find scripts versioned 261.0 and 272.0 Version 261.0 is for the current DD version 2.61 and up. For version 272.0 you will need at least the DD 2.72 beta. The only difference for 272.0 is the ability to select Layout and Function Panel from the controller. Below, you will find a list of special features in my DJ2Go setups. You can influence the behaviour of the features marked with (*). To see how to do this, refer to the PDF guide that you can find in the .zip file. Special features of the RafVDM DJ2Go scripts: Versions 261.0 and 272.0: - Except for the Basic configuration, the Back button serves as shift key ... Hold the shift key while using a control to activate its secondary function - Soft Takeover ... To avoid wild jumps, hardware sliders and knobs will change the software sliders and knobs only when they are near the same position (except for a few specific functions) - Basic loop control - Basic FX control - DJ Assistance ... Automatic set/reset of Sync, Loop, Loop Size, FX, Automix, Master Deck, ... with certain events (*) - Animations - Blinking LEDs on Wake Up (*) - Blinking LEDs on Stand By, that is after not touching controller for 20 minutes (*) - Flashing LEDs when reaching end of track (*) Wake Up and Stand By animations switch off when any control is used (Safest is to press the Back button (Shift key)) - Jog wheel can act as scratch wheel ... This function is disabled by default but can easily be enabled Version 272.0: - Automatic opening of specific Layout and Function Panel on start (*) - Scrolling through Layouts and Function Panels, either ALL or only relevant ones (*) Note: The RafVDM scripts offer DJ Assistance. With certain events, actions like setting/resetting Sync, Loop, Loop Size, FX, Automix, Master Deck, .... are automaticilly performed. At end of track, the deck is automatically rewound. If you don't like these automatic actions, you can deactivate most of them easily. Be aware that DJ Assistance is related to the hardware controls only, not the software controls. Detail of all functionalities and there mappings is available in the corresponding PDF files in the .zip file. If you encounter any problems or errors, if you have questions or suggestions (i.e. for unused control), please let me know. If you like or dislike my scripts, I would be happy if you let me know too. I hope you will enjoy this extended way of playing with the DJ2Go, Raf RafVDM's DJ2Go for Deckadance 2.61 and up.zip
  16. 1. Saw something that I hope can help. Select one of the two layouts containing function panels. Select a function panel other than the Mixer. As long as you switch between the regular 2 deck and 4 deck layouts, all is well. Select a layout that doesn't contain function panels. Now select one of the layouts with panels ... The first panel is shown. But internally, it appears to still be set to the panel you selected. 2. I will uninstall and try from scratch one of these days.
  17. I can absolutely live with the secret shortcut
  18. Luis, 1. I think the selected Function Panel IS stored correctly. CurrentPanel = get(FUNCTION_PANEL); switch(CurrentPanel) { case 0 : set(FUNCTION_PANEL,1); break; case 1 : set(FUNCTION_PANEL,2); break; case 2 : set(FUNCTION_PANEL,3); break; case 3 : set(FUNCTION_PANEL,4); break; case 4 : set(FUNCTION_PANEL,5); break; case 5 : set(FUNCTION_PANEL,0); break; } Yes I know ... But there's a good reason why I coded it with switch instead of set(FUNCTION_PANEL,get(FUNCTION_PANEL)+1) Anyway ... I close DD with panel x selected. Then I open DD and -as we know- panel 0 shows. I press my "NextPanel" button and one would expect panel 1 to open. Alas ... panel x+1 opens. So... The get(FUNCTION_PANEL) did effectively return x though 0 was showing after start up. Remember that the Layout is always correctly initiated, only the Function Panel is not. For me the OnStart ran at the right moment. 2. Sorry, I have the strange habit to get into detail to much when it is not necessary, and to little when it is. :-) No, I mean the Library. I don't remember if I had the issue with Automix and Play Lists, but I can retry if you like. This happened after upgrading 2.61 to 2.72. Does the database remain compatible at that point? 3. Thank you. No rush! It's not blocking.
  19. Very odd then that with 2.72 I didn't have the Flanger crash DD. Do you want me to try and resimulate it with both versions?
  20. Luis, I can understand that only a few people are interested in creating scripts. And for those who do, I'm sure they will never be occupied in doing so full time. Take me for an example ... I'm currently investing quite some time in my scripts, but as soon as they are finished, I will not easily start over again, unless I buy myself a new controller. So why invest a lot of time in a proper script editor (unless for the satisfaction)? Just an idea ... Can't you allow DD to run with an optional argument, something like "Developer Mode". When the argument is set, DD could continuously check the active script files. Script developers remain free to use the editor they prefer and when the script is saved, DD's "Developer Mode" detects the change and compiles and loads the new version automatically. If it bothers anyone that in this way scripts are edited in the standard folder, an alternative folder could also be passed through argument. But it does not bother me.
  21. Thank you, TheMoroney. I use notepad++ and the messages help, of course. It's just that when one knows a } is missing, there is no use in reading or clicking away the 88 messages that result from that silly mistake, right? :-) So we have to do with what we've got. I'll keep in mind your workflow. At this moment I try to keep the Settings panel open as much as possible, the controller remains functional at that moment, that also helps. I'm afraid that my current script is so different from yours, that there is little use in me telling you what I need. Please understand me well, I do not dislike your script, it's just that I turned over in a totally different thinking path that covers my way of working. My solution will certainly not be a replacement of yours, merely an alternative for certain users (or only me). If I tumble in some issues I can not resolve, I am glad that you are willing to help me. Thank you again, Raf
  22. A bit more information on the FUNCTION_PANEL issue... I've been fooling around with a "Select Next Function Panel" button on my DJ2Go. This learns me the following: Remember that when I start DD, the FX panel (1) is the one I would love to be selected automatically. However, generally the Mixer panel (0) is the one that shows. But when I press my "NextPanel" button, I notice that the Sampler panel (2) is selected as next panel. This means that internally the FUNCTION_PANEL is set to 1, but it does not always show correctly. At least not when set from the OnStart void. When using the button, up to now I haven't noticed any flaws yet. :-( Also note that while testing my "NextPanel" button, the FX panel was one time opened correctly on start up. However, again I could not reproduce it. I hope this can help.
  23. I'm a newbie Deckadance user. As the Numark DJ2Go script on this forum does not comply to my needs, I am building one from scratch. When ready, of course I will share. It is quite cumbersome when testing Midi Scripts. 1. To compile and load a modified version, one has to open Settings, select Midi Control, change the Control Surface to any other mapping, change the Control Surface back to the right mapping. This really adds up in a lot of unnecessary lost time and frustration, especially to someone like me who is not that experienced in scripting! Isn't there some trick to recompile and load the modified current mapping in almost one click or button press? 2. Also, sometimes one little error results in dozens of error messages that can only be clicked away one by one. This too adds up in a lot of unnecessary lost time and frustration! Isn' there a way to exit immediately (or continu while not showing the remaining messages)? Thank you, Raf
  24. I'm a newbie Deckadance user. As the Numark DJ2Go script on this forum does not comply to my needs, I am building one from scratch. When ready, of course I will share. I have some remarks on DD 2.72: 1. I notice 2 new commands LAYOUT and FUNCTION_PANEL. They are new with 2.72 or new with an earlier version after 2.61. I have included both LAYOUT and FUNCTION_PANEL in the OnStart void. The LAYOUT command always does its trick. The FUNCTION_PANEL command however, does not always function. I have tried this with values 1 and 2. It appears NOT to be related to LAYOUT, as when I comment out the LAYOUT, the problem persists. Unluckely, I can not figure out any logic where it functions or does not function. I can only say that it mostly does not. 2. After installing and starting 2.72, all my settings from 2.61 were lost. This is quite inconvenient, especially for the browser layout as setting all columns to ones need is not that easy to do. Is there a solution to retain or recover the settings? 3. This is not a new problem. If there exist another topic on this, then sorry but I think it's not bad to mention it specifically for the current beta. I use the Artist, Title and Genre columns with all searches, but after each fresh start I have to flag the Genre column again. I use a specific snapshot each time, but after each fresh start I need to load it again. It would be great if these settings would be remembered across sessions. Greetings, Raf
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