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  1. The only that I don't like, that I've never liked, is how they introduce and kill off models so quickly. The Classic HP, which is killer, is dead already. Now HPs are only on the Standard, so you can't even get a lower priced HP anymore. Nothing on the Tribute or the Studios. Also, why is the new heel on the headstock not default now? That said, love the colors and I'm sure they'll be amazing all around axes.
  2. My Classic HP came with the multitool. My Custom Lite did not. *shrug*
  3. It's all good, my eyes are getting there, too, lol. Thanks for the link, I'll definitely take a look. Thanks for the input, everyone. I'm not really sure if I'll go ahead with it, just wanted to see what your thoughts were. Definitely appreciated ;)
  4. Congrats! Beautiful, beautiful axe!
  5. So I've got a 2016 Custom Lite in Black. I love it. Adore it. I've thought about getting locking tuners and one thing led to another and I'm wondering if it's possible to get satin gold parts to replace the gold plated stuff. It'd be an undertaking, replacing the pup covers and all, but I think it would look even sexier. Thoughts? Recommendations? Am I crazy? Thanks all!
  6. That's my Custom Lite, my favorite axe, hands down. I'm actually shopping around for another. I really wish Gibson would make these more readily available. Imagine that beauty in other colors!
  7. Kinsman

    Volume Knob Issue

    Been having this issue with my new Custom Lite. While I could probably send it back to Gibson and get it fixed, I'd rather just upgrade the pots if the issue persists b/c the rest of the guitar is so damn nice.
  8. Grats, that is beautiful.
  9. I usually pop em off. I like to see the top I spent my money on ;)
  10. I wish I'd recorded some stuff tonight, this axe was beautiful. Comfortable, beefy, the pups are clear and bright. I scored on this guys, thanks again.
  11. Initial impressions: Everything seems to be physically in order and it is beautiful. Everything seems to be sonically in order and it sounds wonderful through my practice amp (Yamaha TH10). The neck is exactly what I was after! It is, minus the satin, identical to what is on the Zakk. Additionally, the edges of the binding are rounded, so there's a smoother angle between neck and fretboard. I'll be playing through my Mark 5:25 tonight and give it a real breaking in. Needless to say, I am excited! Thanks to everyone who pointed me in this direction and to zzounds who got it out to me incredibly quickly. I expected it tomorrow but it showed up early this morning.
  12. Custom Lite ordered! Last new model the shop had in stock. It's a 2016, Ebony. Pics when it arrives.
  13. Kinsman

    Family Photo

    Sure wish they'd keep making that DC, it's beautiful.
  14. I just feel like they're a bit too wide. I've got big hands, but they're too wide to ever feel comfortable. What I find disappointing is the idea that they'll consider things like the Less+ a failure and we won't see another slim lightweight guitar for a while. I'd adore a custom lite, with a satin neck and hp parts (access neck joint for instance).
  15. Just wanted to update those of you that have been helping me out. I called Gibson and confirmed the Custom Lite is the same shape neck that was on the original Custom Shop Zakk; looks like there's a new Gibson coming into my life soon!
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