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  1. Great looking guitar. I have a 339 pro, I love it. But I really like the Johnny A signature custom. All the signature Epi's are really great guitars for the $$. I tried a Gibson 339 at my local music store, it doesn't come close to my Epi 339.
  2. I know I can't buy new, that's why I posed the question here. I thought somebody might know where you could buy used.
  3. That's one butt ugly monstrosity
  4. Where can I buy a '59 Tribute neck pickup for my 2015 Traditional?
  5. I was wondering the same thing. I used the old site to reference the specs and part #'s on my '15 Trad. The new site doesn't even give you the option to enlarge the guitar pics to see them better. Terrible so far, looks very cheap.
  6. Hey guys, I just bought a used 2015 LP Traditional. How can you tell if a pickup has been changed? The bridge pickup has two stickers, one that says "Lead 59" with a serial # and date and the other says PAF. But the neck pickup just says "Gibson USA". Wondering if it's been swapped out? I would think both should say the same, both are suppose to be '59 tribute Humbuckers.
  7. No it's a 2012 Gibson Les Paul Trad 1960 Zebra. Here's the link http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-USA/Les-Paul-Traditional-1960-Zebra.aspx Pickups are Zebra '57 Classic & '57 Classic plus. Satin Goldtop.
  8. Does anyone on here have one of these models? What was the list $ for this model in 2012. I have a chance to get a 2012 Goldtop for $1500. Any thoughts.
  9. Hey guys I have a Gibson 2012 LP studio with 60's slim taper neck. Also I have an Epiphone LP standard and a 339 both with slim taper d profile. I find the epi necks a little thicker. The question is, Is the neck on a Gibson Traditional with the rounded 50's profile, bigger or close to the epi slim taper d? Also does anyone know the list price on a 2012 Gibson Traditional 1960 Zebra, when they first came out, and what would be a good price now. Thanks.
  10. picture two fake or not
  11. My son is looking at buying this 2012 Gibson LP 50's tribute. The back of headstock, color of keystone tuners, bridge pickup ring and bride seem a little off. Do you think this is fake or not. Pictures are not the greatest.
  12. If the 335 is anything like my ES-339 pro, it is a wonderful guitar. Can't go wrong with an EPI
  13. Well here's another example, I have a Epi PR5 EVS serial # 0306171254, the guitar was bought new Dec.01 2010. But guitar dated says it was made in june of 2003, that's seven years, something is wrong with that picture.
  14. My new es339 pro is the same thing. Suppose to be rosewood fretboard, looks black compared to my epi lp standard. My finger tips were black after a few minutes of playing.
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