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  2. Welcome Jim, I’ve got three Gibsons, two Les Paul’s and an SG, great guitars, especially when plugged into a Marshall.
  3. +1 I have never, ever heard a bad review of an AC/DC concert, and yes, Angus's playing is incredible, the way he can play so quickly and not make any mistakes, never ceases to amaze me, and that tone he and Malcolm would get out of those Marshalls, was pure magic.
  4. If there is one thing AC/DC is legendary for, and that’s the tightness of their live performances, I have seen them live four times, 1988,1996,2001 and 2015, and every single performance was perfect, every member of the band gives nothing less than 110% effort, because they care about their fans, and want to give them value for their money.
  5. What sad news (apologies for joining this thread late), and condolences to the family and friends of Malcolm Young. When I first heard “Jailbreak” back in 1976 as a kid, I was hooked and the more music I heard from AC/DC the more they became my favourite rock band, and whenever I saw them live, I was completely blown away by how tight they sounded live, and how their live stuff actually sounded better than their studio material (the mark of a great rock band). The genius of Malcolm Young was how he could write epic songs with a just a handful of chords eg. “It’s a long way to the top, if you want to rock n roll” ie. A,G & D (the rhythm part that is), yet it’s such an epic song. “Let there be rock”, only has four chords G,E,A and B (the rhythm part), yet it’s considered one of AC/DC’s finest, and a crowd favourite that’s always played live. Sometimes, you get these “guitar snobs” who are unfairly critical of the relative simplicity of Malcolm Young’s playing by calling him “three chord Malcolm”, which is ridiculous because Malcolm Young could probably play every chord out there, and what a lot of people don’t realise was that Malcolm Young started as a lead, not a rhythm guitarist, it’s just that he assigned his incredibly (and equally), talented brother, Angus to that role. And so what if AC/DC music is simple, there is a wise old saying that goes “the simple things in life are often the best”, and credit to AC/DC for sticking to their guns. R.I.P. Malcolm, you were a maestro on rhythm guitar, and you inspired me and millions of others to take up the guitar.
  6. Thanks, it's actually an underground cellar, my late father built to store his old wine collection, but these days I use it to practice.
  7. That's an excellent idea, I have studied a bit of musical theory, but not a lot, only enough to be able to play the songs I have learned to play, I do need to study music theory in greater detail.
  8. +1 Very nice, thanks for sharing.
  9. Thanks for sharing, what can you say?, breathtakingly beautiful guitars, especially the green one, may they give you years of playing pleasure.
  10. Hi, and welcome, sorry for my late reply, I have been practicing like mad, the guitar is a very addictive instrument. I too, am 48, and I took up the guitar as an older beginner in Feb 2016. With me, I was lucky enough to find an excellent on line guitar teacher, downloaded all his lessons and have learned how to play over 40 AC/DC songs, just yet rhythm part, lead is too hard for me. When I made the decision to commit myself to learning the guitar, I also pulled the trigger on a 2016 Gibson Les Paul Studio, later I would get a 2017 Les Paul Classic like yours but in the satin fireburst finish, an awesome guitar. Enjoy your guitar journey.
  11. The problem is, the mainstream radio stations and record companies are shoving crap pop music, and even shittier rap crap (aka as ghetto noise) down the throats of these kids, so they don't experience truly great rock music like AC/DC, just the fake, plastic, manufactured garbage.
  12. G'day Shane, and welcome from another Aussie (I'm from Sydney), you have some nice guitars there, especially that Gibson.
  13. Welcome, nice guitars and rig you have there, especially that SG.
  14. Lucky you, you landed yourself a real bargain there, and that's a beautiful Gibson Les Paul.
  15. Welcome, and great choice of guitar, in April 2016 I purchased a 2016 Gibson Les Paul Satin fireburst, they are a great guitar, and excellent value for money.
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