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  1. I am thankful for anything that saves me a few $K ... and that headstock is a real moneysaver because I'm sure those guitars play and sound fantastic.
  2. Outside the regular Gibson box ... really like the looks of this one! From a 2016 run of 65 https://wildwoodguitars.com/product/12146066/2016-gibson-advanced-jumbo-herringbone/?cat_id=32
  3. That's the nicest looking top I've seen on any of these! Very excited for you! However, waiting until "the middle of next week" is not acceptable.
  4. I recently sold a '46. It took about a week but in the first 2 days I received two full price offers from Canadian buyers. There would be high demand for this guitar.
  5. If you don't own a guitar that is deserving of worship, keep looking.
  6. I believe that used one is $500 more than Wildwood charged for a new one. Telluride Music gets some nice guitars but pricing is 100% Tourist Town.
  7. Wildwood is crazy busy ... It will be worth your effort to call them because you will get a price over the phone that will be hundreds less than Sweetwater. Wildwood's stock .. https://wildwoodguitars.com/product-category/acoustics/gibson-acoustics/super-jumbo/
  8. Guitar is located in Colorado. Cheers
  9. Thank you, Roger. We all know there is no such thing as extra cash 🙂
  10. Cutting way back, really nice J45 from 1946 $6,500 with 90s J45 case, $6,700 with upgraded case https://www.acousticguitarforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=587805
  11. I just skipped to the end like I always do with these two, great sounding guitar.
  12. This is good, really good. And, I think you are my favorite song picker. This one's a gem.
  13. Another way to look at it ... If 100 people played all 10 guitars, how many of those 10 would be chosen by someone as a favorite? My guess would be 7. Or more.
  14. Love the way you capture the Greg Groove, Sal. This is not the first time. Further In is a Masterpiece ... cheers!
  15. Stunning progress, your hard work is paying off. Writing lyrics like these in a second language ... respect due.
  16. Wildwood Guitars just got a 1942 in and they list the nut as standard 1.72" on that one
  17. How I would love to jump into a pile of this entire new series and emerge with the winner.
  18. I used to think a capo is just a capo, then I bought a G7 model 3 with ART, couldn't get it not to buzz on multiple guitars. Your guitar could be in need of a setup as suggested. Try moving the capo position very close to/ on the fret to see if that helps.
  19. I spent a few minutes with one of these, very nice guitars. I was a bit surprised at the price and thought it a very good value.
  20. If I paid $2500 for this guitar it would go to Reverb where I would list it for $5300 and expect to get at least $4500 within 6 months. Listed at $4K it would sell in a few days.
  21. From the historic collection to the news that Bozeman is expanding production, this is the kind of excitement that we hope for from Namm but rarely see. All the questions about how new management would handle the acoustic division have been answered ... in the best possible way.
  22. Nice to see current management understands that merch sales is a pot o'gold, make mine the script logo t. Looking forward to seeing much more cool stuff!
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