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  1. Thanks Luis. Any update? Need anything else from us, more information, etc?
  2. @Blank_Disk I'd try to get a pre-owned iOS device (iPad or something), which has the older iOS operating system installed, the iOS version required by DD mobile, download/run DD mobile on it and run it on there. And don't upgrade the iOS! Worth a try!
  3. Hi Luis, It's great that you're looking at adding DMX-512 control outputs to DeckaDance! Check out videos on youtube keyworks Winter NAMM 2018 Rekordbox DMX where they demo the new version of Pioneer DJ RekordBox software (your competition!), they added DMX control with a USB-to-DMX512 output converter box product, in the demo they show you can pick from a list of hundreds of American DJ line of DMX-512 moving head and PAR stationary show lights, and they say they're adding other manufacturers. I think Pioneer DJ didn't create the ADJ lighting fixture database themselves from scratch. probably got the lighting fixture database from American DJ company. Probably you could ask someone at Gibson B2B marketing dept, to approach all the DMX lighting companies for the databases of which DMX commands to send to which brand and model of lights. The DMX-512 lighting fixture manufacturers such as ADJ would surely have these databases ready to go, since sharing it to show software makers such as Gibson, is a powerful promotional technique for them to sell more lighting fixture product.
  4. Deckadance version 2.73. 1. In the track list, the UTF-8 (special foreign language accent characters) from the MP3 ID3 tags is displaying correctly. 2. On the top area of the deck, where the track name displays, the UTF-8 special international characters, are displaying wrong. It's a bug.
  5. If you need to move the downbeat to a new location, you have the "1" button, located on the "Grid" utility panel, for this. It lets you set exactly where is beat 1 of bar 1 of the song. Anything before this is bar 0, then before bar 0 is bar -1, just so you are aware.
  6. The way the pros do it, and you should too: 1. Make a separate desktop computer, call it your video PC. If physical space is a concern, make it in an ITX case (size of a shoebox). Add one or two medium-high end graphics cards costing at least $100 each, with at least 1GB - 2GB ram each, for 3D effects.. Add your music videos to it. 2. You need to send either MIDI Time Code (MTC - start, stop, song select, bar, beat, tick) or SMPTE Time Code (start stop hours minutes second frame) from your DD DJ setup, to the video PC, over MIDI cable, or over Ethernet cat 5 cable. 3. Right now, as far as I'm aware, DD is NOT able to send MTC or SMTPE time code, out to external devices such as your video PC. So you may need to use a separate app on your DD DJ setup to send out the time code, so that the video PC plays video in sync with your DD DJ setup. Maybe Luis could shed some light on this feature.
  7. Hi DJ Sundog, I'm working on doing this. There are many original artist "electronic duos" who do exactly this as part of their live stage show - one plays the music back behind a DJ setup plus keyboard, while the other sings and plays a guitar, bass, keyboard, or any instrument. Here's a list! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Electronic_music_duos Many famous groups from the 80s, and forward to now, such as Erasure and Eurythmics followed this electronic duo format.
  8. BeatJacker


    I'd get an Android tablet, or an iPad, mounted securely on a mic stand with a special "tablet clamp". Then you'll easily see your remote DD computer screen, and be able to remotely mouse around with great ease, while out playing in front of the crowd.
  9. Yes, in my opinion, it's more musical to have the Snap button default to On. What does other DJ software default their Snap buttons to, does anyone know? Traktor, Virtual DJ, Serato, Rekordbox ?
  10. It looks like the "Snap" button was turned back to the default, Off. Turning it On should solve this problem!
  11. Also, adding Cue points is working differently. In 2.72, press a number to create a Cue Points while the deck is playing, DD created the cue point snapped (quantized) to the beat. In 2.73, press a number to create a Cue Point, while the deck is playing, DD creates the cue point exactly at that point in the song, usually totally off the beat. Snapped to the beat is better, more useful.
  12. Cue is working differently. In the last version 2.72, when you hit a cue, while a deck is playing, playback will jump to that cue point only at the next beat, this keeps the tempo of the song intact. In the current version 2.73, when you hit a cue, while a deck is playing, playback will instantly jump to that cue point, this messes up the smooth even playback of the song, causes a trainwreck feel.
  13. wizanda, anyone can update wikipedia
  14. 2. For Global Tempo slider, when you link the Tempo on 2 or more decks, and move the Tempo slider on that Master deck (or move the Tempo slider on the physical external MIDI controller), doesn't the Master deck's Tempo move, and also, all of the Tempo-linked decks Tempos also move in the same way? 4. I'm using CMD-MM1, CMD-PL1, CMD-LC1, CMD-DC1, CMD-DV1, the five modular controllers which connect into one big one.
  15. Got it. It was because my javascript was temporarily turned off in the browser. Turned it on and download works. Thanks Luis.
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