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  1. Is it even possible? To detach the neck and glue back together "properly"? Could it affect the resonation/tone?
  2. Hi everyone, Need an opinion from those,who had experience in this... So there is Gibson ES345 1972,that seller offers to me for a good price. I was able to get it to home for a test and discovered few strange things. The tone itself is good. But by feel,the wood of the body and neck isn’t resonating,like it does on my Tele or Mustang (friend gave me his ES335 ’66 and it resonate how it supposed to,for example) + when I play this guitar,it feels like my hands are in plasticine or like guitar is overall “wet” (like it just came from tropic contries) - it doesnt affect the tone from speakers tho! By the legend it hasn’t been played for decades (It was sold by collect in US to another non-playing collector ,where it spend next 4-5 years in the case) Could it be because of it hasn’t been played for a long time? Second thing is that it have some kind of crack lookalike in the place of neck joint .I attached pictures. What I am trying to understand - if it was cracked and glued back together or it is just a finish cracks. It has “2” second on headstock,maybe its because of this cosmetic issue?...
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