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  1. very well done i enjoyed it a lot
  2. wow you did this song a lot of justice TERRIFIC
  3. very nice congrats and play her in good health
  4. congrats and i really like those tuners
  5. listen to dave alvin all the time one of my favorites
  6. wow really nice job on this Mark Knopfler is one of my all time favs
  7. that was beautiful my dad who has been dead 10 years now also suffered from alzheimers
  8. well i've had my J-35 since january and really dig it.
  9. This is just terrific, really enjoyed it
  10. really enjoyed your video and that guitar sounds awesome
  11. Congrats, i got one myself about a month ago and am really liking it
  12. that was just plain enjoyable really liked it
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