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  1. I found more information in another thread. I wish I had found this thread a while back during my initial searching. help identifying an unusual Tune-O-Matic Bridge
  2. Beautiful quit top! A lot of folks make a fuss about flamed maple tops (even me), but I sure do like a well done quilted maple top like that. Very, very nice!
  3. WadeR

    Body Material

    I forgot about the Swamp Ash model. I do remember seeing that one. I am interested in that dark swamp ash version. Sweet LP, jdgm!
  4. WadeR

    Body Material

    Yeah, you're right, Rabs. I looked closely at the read of the body as compared to the top and it is definitely a top. I have an all-maple Explorer CMT that is like that. The body is maple but has a separate maple top.
  5. WadeR

    Body Material

    Here's one without a maple cap I came across this week: Gibson Limited Edition Mahogany Top Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar - Natural I don't know much else about it. I though I have heard of 100% solid mahogany Les Pauls (not Jr.) without a cap but I have never seen one. Heck maybe the one I linked to above is actually a slab versus a top. Just because it has binding doesn't necessarily mean it has a top. (I'm not trying to say anything about that actual guitar or its posting because I have no proof that it doesn't have a top. I should look at the grain patterns of the top versus the back to see if they match up or not. Ok, I just looked and it does indeed appear to be a separate mahogany top since the grain of the top is very different than the rear of the body.)
  6. When I was a teenager I would read and re-read as many guitar mags as I could as often as I could. Then I stopped in my early twenties. Now it's almost 30 years later and I subscribed to Premier Guitar a couple of years ago because I like gear mostly. The truth is, I flip through an issue once maybe twice, read one or two articles and then they pile up until my better half complains. I do most of my reading online anyway but I still fell like I keep in touch with new gear by flipping through glossy paper once a month (and by reading about 10% of the ridiculous number of guitar-related sales and marketing emails I constantly receive because I signed up for everything).
  7. The value of highly customized, especially unique, non-original is highly subjective. It just depends on how many or who wants to buy it and how much they are willing to pay. I don't think you could place a value on this as what it was originally. You'll just have to put a stake in the ground by setting what you think you can get for it and go from there. It's an interesting guitar. Good luck!
  8. I contacted GraphTech about this nut to see if they had it in Black Tusq XL and also to fit a 2017 Gibson Explorer HP but they said that it is only fits the 2015 Gibsons adjustable nut and not 2016 or 2017 and that they only have the regular (whiteish) Tusq XL in this shape but said something to the effect that they are working on making models to fit the 2016 and 2017 models but the representative did not say whether or not they would have it in Black Tusq XL. This was just a couple of weeks ago. I'll keep an eye out. BTW, it looks great in that close up!
  9. Maybe a batch run through the PLEK machine with a bad setting/configuration loaded? Seriously bad that this is happening though. I hope they make it right - either zZounds and/or Gibson - before losing their customer.
  10. On my 1982 Gibson Explorer II CMT, I did remove and store the top-adjust bridge and original tailpiece and studs for each but left in the original threaded inserts for both. I added a TonePros TP6 Nashville locking bridge and matching TonePros locking tailpiece and both dropped in without modification. I used the new studs that came with the TonePros bridge and tailpiece respectively. The studs threads matched perfectly. I do remember that the bridge did not just drop in but at first wedged ever so slightly and I had to use my fingers to slightly squeeze the studs inward like 2mm or so and then in literally dropped in place on the top thumwheels portion of the studs. Works great and I can restore the original hardware very easily.
  11. UPDATE. Another thread on this forum by Victory has helped me identify this bridge. The bridge is a Gibson three-point top-adjust tune-o-matic bridge. Here is a link to a page from Vintage Guitar and Bass that further adds credibility to the identification. I hope this helps someone out in the future.
  12. You just inadvertently helped me out. I have been looking for info on a bridge that came on my 81 Gibson Explorer CMT. When I saw you mention the 'top-adjust bridge' I looked for pictures of the Victory MV II and saw the top-adjust bridge is same bridge I have been looking for more info about, but I didn't know what it was called since it does not have any markings on it or under it. I found a page that confirms it too. Also, here's the link to my question on this forum about that bridge. I will go update that thread too in case it may help others. Thank you! -Wade
  13. That's a pretty slick refinish and re-imagining of a Gothic Explorer! I agree that the dot markers aren't original and (hopefully/maybe) are just stickers. The star & moon center inlay at the 12th fret is the only original inlay on the Gothic model.
  14. FWIW, although I have never ordered a guitar from zZounds, I have ordered three (not Gibson) in past years from AMS and I never had an issue. I know some believe that they are the same company. I do not know for sure. Now, I have ordered new Gibson guitars from Sweetwater and I have never had any issues with them. Always a GREAT experience for me with Sweetwater. Just my $0.02. It also makes me wonder if the seller is performing their own setup on these guitars and just happens to be causing the issue, but from a seemingly volume internet dealer like zZounds, that's hard to believe but I wouldn't rule it out 100%.
  15. I agree that it does seem that Gibson is trying to steer their market into a non-traditional direction. I believe there is a market for both, but I would like to see both lines on equal ground, but it probably never will be because Gibson is a for-profit company and they need to optimize their business (like any other business in any industry) but it does seem like the traditionalists are holding them back (me being one of them to some extent). But if that's what the market demands, they have to comply to some degree to make sales. It's a tricky balance for them. (Wow, that was a lot of "buts", sorry about that.)
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