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  1. That's what mine is. The sticker inside the body says "DOT-CH".
  2. Thanks. Nice Wildkat. It resembles the Emperor Swingster that I fell in love with at Best Buy a few years ago. How I loved that guitar. But I like my new Dot just as much.
  3. What is "trans cherry"? I know what cherry red is but what is the significance of "trans"?
  4. I call it the "Big" Epi because I'm 6'4" and weigh 270 and my Tele looks like a mandolin when I hold it. The Dot looks more normal.
  5. I just got my first ever Epiphone guitar. It is a red Dot with a Bigsby and Seymour Duncan '59 pickups. It is also my first Gibson product, my first set neck guitar and my first ever archtop semi-hollow body with F-holes. I traded a Fender (Mexican) Standard Telecaster for it. I liked the Tele but I have another Tele that I like better so I wanted something a little different. I love it. It plays great and sounds terrific. I'm a Fender man but I have fallen head over heels with the Epi. It is very different from my Fenders. It forces me to play in a different manner, which is a good thing. It has inspired me to write in a different style. One thing I like about it is how loud it is unplugged. It doubles as a great makeshift acoustic. I love this guitar and look forward to many years of enjoyment from the big Epiphone.
  6. Hi! I live in Oklahoma and I just got my first ever Gibson product: an Epiphone Dot with a Bigsby and Seymour Duncan '59 pickups. It is also my first F-hole semi-hollow body jazz box. I love it. I traded a Tele for it. I'm a Fender guy, but I've fallen head over heels over the big Epi. It plays very differently from my Fenders, which forces me to play in a new style. This has inspired me. I like the fact that it is very loud for an electric when it is unplugged. I also have a Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster, Fender Marauder, Squier Stratocaster, Squier MB4 bass, Fender acoustic, two Harmony acoustics and a Harmony Strat copy. I'm going to love my new Epiphone.
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