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  1. Yeah I know Tonepros, but the locking seems to be different in tailpiece and bridge that come with Gibson 2017 HP range
  2. Hi guys, I have recently acquired a Les Paul Classic HP, which comes with locking tailpiece and bridge. I wanted to ask how these locking features work, since they don't have the side screws to lock things into place like tonepros. They seems to be in the same hole where you would adjust the height of the tailpiece and bridge. Unfortunately this is not explained in the manual. Did anyone mess with their factory setup and used these features already?
  3. First Gibson guitar, first post in the forum! Seems green is really popular these days. Got it from Thomann, yours are more flamed, this one is flat top but I love how you can see the normal wood patterns on it and how the staining is not uniform because of it!
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