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  1. I've been trying for some time to upload some pix to ya all.. Yep shame Reverb and E bay and a host of other can allow posting. I joined and started up with Photo bucket follow the directions and,,,nada Is this a reflection on Gibson and Epiphone,, Disallowing the core of their fan base from sharing their prize possessions? Can I post picture from facebook?
  2. Great review/economics history of the electric guitar industry. I agree and have often said that both Gibson and Fender are pricing themselves out of the competition. I would LOVE to purchase American built products. Guitars included but as stated in the paper my of us feel hesitant going above a certain dollar level. Its a wonder that both companies have found justification (and buyers) for their products. Again, look at the prices for automobiles nowadays.. Way past the $ 1499.00 VW Bug.
  3. ikeus

    P100 alternative

    Just quickly looked thru the DiMarzio website. These are their humbucker soap bar P90's and there are others on their site: DP210 Tone Zone, DP154 DLX Plus, DP209 Super Distortion. I don't Have any of these. They are in other(humbucker)configurations popular. I have the Super Distortion 2 in one of my RG's. Love em!
  4. Gibson and Fender (my humble opinion) are pricing themselves beyond the reach on normal mortals. Give serious consideration to perusing E bay and other used guitar websites beside the classified here and local shops. There are a number of companies whose main source of revenue is thru parting out guitars. Hope that I am not breaking any rule but I often go to the Stratosphere site on E bay. Look under guitar neck/bodies, loaded pick-guards etc. They tear down Gibson, Epie's and Fender/Squires and have often dreamed of building up one of their Les Paul's that might be just what your looking for.
  5. The listing of guitars wasn't finished and does not include my builds and the newest LP Junior and special and another LP Special body-neck on the way... .. Enough?? No

  6. Current Electric Guitars;

    Line6 89F Variax, Fender Road House, Fender Jaguar P-90's,Ibanez RG6001 HSH SD, Fender Tex Mex, Ibanez RG450 Dimarzio's, Squier Vibe Mex Standard pickups, Squier Deluxe HSS with SD JB, Fender 59's.

    Kit Jem with Di Marzio-Steve Vai loaded pick-guard, Ibanez Art Core AF73,Squier Standard SSS EMG DG20 pickguard.,Squier Affinity SSS

    Epiphone Cas...

  7. Just going on my diminishing memory of what I presently have.. Not including the "cloned Kits". Casino in natural blond., Blues Hawk in red., Night Hawk In flamed blond maple,.. Les Paul Studio finished stipped off and re-stained and oiled, Bigsby and Vibra-mate, roller bridge, Burst Buckers with push pull coil splitting, Tusq nut..., Les Paul Specialk TV Yellow with Di Marzio 36th anniversary PAF's, Resomax adjustable bridge... Just purchased a Les Paul Junior that I intended to strip off the Sunburst and most of the Stain/paint of the neck and put on a sort of Honey-burst oil finish and a Di Marzio PAF Master...
  8. Current Epiphones: Casino, Blues Hawk, Knight Hawk, Les Paul Studio, Les Paul Limited Special.

    Retired, Guitar modding addict

  9. ikeus

    XGP guitar body

    Support for my GAS Fetish; I was originally hesitant with any dealings with GFS. Started with the warehouse clearance.. Be very sure what you want from this sale!! I'd grown tired of building from offered kits and their "beginner style" with the pre drilled holes and mandatory included cheapo options. I started looking and buying separate necks and bodies. This is where GFS really shines. I want to do my own finishes.. Oil stain, oils and wax. Both neck and body. The necks either the XGP or the less costly version are as good as you can find in the under 2 Franklins and costing less than one. Well finished and fret work is as good as I've found. I am currently started on a Statocaster Swamp Ash, red Sedona and honey stains to bring out what I like to see in this Ash, Buffed out to blend in the stains. Total amount of combined stains.. about 1/3 teaspoon. will add Hipshot closed locking tuners. GFS Big Block Brass tremolo bridge and last a very big positive. Seymour Duncan's Everything Axe loaded pick guard. Hmmm. Haven't mentioned the two telecasters that I built from with their necks and bodies.. They are GREAT! one has the Sullivan Texas vintage> They both have Gotoh Bridges and the other has DiMarzio True Velvets.
  10. Great.!! Your list of upgrades has prompted me to look of the Graph-Tech web site and consider One of their wrap around adjustable bridges for my soon to be LP Ltd Special 1 project.. You did mean adjustable bridge vice nut as a up grade?
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