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  1. I like to call that Gibson sound ‘spanky’. My old converted KGH-12 is nice and spanky with Retros. I’ve never tried Newtone. I’ll look forward some.
  2. I love the custom light Retros on my ‘40 Kalamazoo. They make it quite Gibsonesque.
  3. I recently had a L-00 Blues Master 12 fret that was some kind of special run of guitars that had an ‘aged vintage finish’ that seemed to age quick. It had finish subtle finish checking too.
  4. Thanks Dave! It’s quite a learning experience sorting through all the variations of names and designations. That one was a beauty. What do you remember about it totally?
  5. Hello everyone! I'm looking for info on early 30's L-0 all mahogany 12 fret guitars. A few questions: How many were made? How did the build details differ between each guitar? What's the bracing like? What $$ do they typically go for these days? Thanks! Chris
  6. CJB


    Wow Dave! That sounds like it'll be an amazing guitar! I didn't know there was a custom program at Gibson. Maybe it's time to look into an all hog 12 fret L-0.
  7. Unfortunately the all hog 12 fret Waterloo is one that I’ve not owned - I’ve tried but hasn’t worked out so far. The 14 fretter is a good one though but doesn’t have that 12 fret sweetness. As you say, one of those is more likely to show up than the real L-0 over here as well.
  8. ZW, yep I was thinking that some of the parts may be extras or reused from other series. 🤷‍♂️ BK, thanks! Yep different store but same guitar. I have no idea how to properly post pictures on here unfortunately. I’ll work on it…. meanwhile, I posted a few pics over here… https://umgf.com/ng-l-00-bluesmaster-12-fret-t213671.html
  9. Hey everyone! After having sampled a wonderful HG00 that a friend has around 2.6 weeks ago I decided to do a random internet search on 12 fret L-00's . Most results showed up either the Keb Mo model or early 30's models and one of my ultimate dream guitars (a '30/31 all mahogany L-0 but those seem to be quite rare and spendy). Then this one result showed something that was new and in inventory at a big music store site. There wasn't much info on the site about it but they showed 2 in stock so I called and talked with someone about it. It was apparently a 'Limited' run of a few guitars but nothing else. I ended up getting a great deal on one of them halfway thinking that I'd end up using their generous return policy (not something I've done before so I was hesitant) About 2.1 weeks ago it arrived and I've been playing it ever since. I was primarily curious about how the 12 fret neck joint and the L-00 body would interact tonally. Turns out that it's snappy and luscious at the same time - that 12 fret tone that I love mixed with the L-00 tone that I love. Very responsive and full. But get this. What surprised me is that it has a 1.80" nut width and a full C shaped neck that measures about .90" at the first fret. These dimensions are ideal for me and my strange fretting hand issues. With the built in electronics it's only 3.6 pounds (my 1937-38 L-00 is 3.1 pounds). After 2.2 weeks with it, I love it. It's the most satisfying NEW guitar I've had with the way it sounds, looks and feels. I can tell it has a long way to go to open up and develop but that will be part of the fun. My favorite guitar I've owned is my '37ish L-00. But this is a great second to that one. I'm thinking a great third is one of those '30/31 all hog L-0. 😄 I wrote to Gibson customer service to see if I can get more info but haven't heard anything yet. What I know is that it's labeled as a L-00 Bluesmaster Limited. I wonder what the difference is between these and the Blues King? The build quality is the same as or better than my previously owned 50's LG-2. Any others out there have one of these or know anything about them? Regardless, they're really cool and fun guitars with really really good tone.
  10. YES!!!!! I knew you'd cave eventually. 😄 That looks like a beauty. Can't wait to hear it!
  11. That’s fantastic, Tom! Thanks!
  12. That's great, thank you! I had not looked there yet.
  13. Another question, how does a Hg-00 compare to why a 12 fret L-00 or an all Mahogany L-0?
  14. As far as I know, no Gibson guitars were made with bar frets. Martin did til middle ‘34 for non Hawaiian guitars. I think I remember that the Hawaiian models had bar frets into the early 40’s?
  15. Thanks Jeff! For some reason I can't see the pics on my iphone but I can see them responding from a laptop. I enjoyed playing it. We traded guitars for the weekend so he's got my L-00. This thing really has some kick to it but the 12 fret bridge position gives it a really rich almost creamy sweetness. I looked inside and the braces look just a little bit more stout than my L-00 and the top seems thicker. Nothing inside looks altered so I guess the conversion was only the nut and the bridge was replaced too. That seems fairly common on those old girls.
  16. Hello everyone! I've got another question for y'all. A friend recently dropped by with an old converted HG-00. I don't know much about these except they're a converted Hawaiian L-00 like guitar. I have looked around the forums but wanted to get some current thinking on these guitars? It's a black finish with firestripe pick guard (so sexy) and the wide neck is surprisingly comfortable. Basically, the same profile as my '38 L-00 but the V is a tiny bit asymmetrical. I once had a 0017A that the neck was just way too much for me and I expected this one to be similar but it's not. Anyway, what can y'all tell me about these?
  17. CJB

    New old L-00

    Yes they do!
  18. CJB

    New old L-00

    Wow what a story behind that guitar! And thanks for that other link. There was a semi local CEO7 for sale recently and I thought of you.
  19. CJB

    New old L-00

    Dave, that sounds fantastic. Your Reissue is one that seems quite special too but I like your idea of the custom 12 fret.
  20. CJB

    New old L-00

    BK, I love the wood on that one! How long have you had it? Are you happy with that pickup?
  21. CJB

    New old L-00

    Thanks. I have to say the more I play this guitar the more I learn about it - it's a whole lot of fun getting these thick fat tones out of it. I think I'll try to try some Martin Monel Light or custom light strings on it next. I like those on my 0017. This guitar has made me curious about those older 12 fret L's and especially mahogany topped 12 fretters. Hmmm, those are rare and expensive though so I will be content with what I have for now.
  22. CJB

    New old L-00

    Wow, that's a beauty ZW! I bet it's sweet too. What strings do you like on it? Speaking of headstock logo stuff - my briefly owned 53 LG1 looked identical to BK's. That guitar was a tank and the top thickness was nearly 2x thicker than my L-00.
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