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  2. Although I may be the world's worst Jazz guitarist, I find myself always looking for a sweet jazz tone for my pop and blues pop music. I Have a 2013 Gibson SGJ that I loaded with Lindy Fralin Big Singles. It has a mahogany body and a maple neck and I just love the clear, defined tones I can squeeze from it. The fact that it has 24 frets that are so easily accessible doesnt hurt either. I was wondering if anybody else here likes an SG for Jazz or Jazz tones. Let's share the love and discuss!
  3. So I'm working on a guitar for someone and it's loaded with EMG pickups. The issue I'm running into is that they are incredibly quiet and always have an insane amount of gain even when my amp is set VERY clean. I have no experience with EMGs, do I just need to change the battery or what? Any help I can get would be great, thank you all so much.
  4. Yeah, they are. That's why Im having trouble putting a price tag on it.
  5. Hey everybody! I was hoping you guys and gals could help me put a price on my 2003 Gibson Melody Maker. I'm having trouble putting a price on it because of the work done to the guitar. I know pretty much anything you put on a guit drops value except for pickups, but this was a dirt cheap axe to begin with. It has schaller strap locks, grover locking tuners, a gfs machined brass bridge, a wammiworld brass tailpiece, and I had a tv jones powertron plus installed with a spin-a-split replacing the tone knob. Every tone from full humbucker to single coil is very usable. The single coil sound is amazing and much better than I expected. And like a Gibson should, it plays like a dream. Not trying to sell it on here, just seeing if I can get some help pricing it.
  6. I played one of the vm jags, the squire line has gotten A LOT better the past few years. I was so happy wwith the way it played, it made me want to buy one of those squire 6 string basses for whatever reason haha
  7. Im actually getting a brass nut installed too. Hah And yes I know brass can be a softer alloy and can kill sustain a bit, but you'll notice I said "feels" and "seems" alot because I know It's just what I percieve in the change of tone. But yes, very neat design. And I must have been thinking of a different model bridge!
  8. 4 sting electric mandolins are no fun. They dont sound like mandolins at all. From what I understand (may be wrong), they only made 4 string electrics because tuning machines were poor quality back in the day and you couldn't keep them in tune, which stands out like CRAZY when electric. But to answer your question. MAYBE. After fender's 2014 mandostrat run, I think the market for elec mandos is saturated. They wouldn't release an 8 stringer because no one would buy them (except me!!!!) but a 4 string can appeal to a guitarist a bit more too. So if they do, 4 strings. Btw I own a mandostrat-8 and am constantly wishing it had a humbucker.
  9. If I had more cash I would have gotten a Gotoh or a Kluson harmonica bridge. But for the broke player, this bridge is still a good upgrade from the stock pot metal nashville. Also, in the pictures, it looks like the saddles are all cut for string guage, they are not. All of the saddles have the same cut depth and width. Still plays fine with zero buzzing, but I do wish they would have left cutting the saddles to me.
  10. Hey all! I'm new here, but I figured I might as well start contributing! This is my review of the XGP solid brass bridge sold by GFS. http://www.guitarfetish.com/XGP-SOLID-BRASS-locking-Tuneomatic-bridge-locking-Saddles-_p_23129.html So my journey starts off as a broke musician (redundant, right?) looking for a cheap replacement for the zamak nashville bridge that came on my 2003 Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker. I had already installed a NOS Kahler brass tailpiece that I purchased from wammiworld, and was very pleased with what felt like slight increase in sustain. So now I knew I wanted a brass bridge or atleast saddles. Being broke, I bought this $30 bridge expecting the worst. I was wrong. Being cheap, I saw that the bridge could sit on my nashville studs, well there's $5 off right there! Lol so I installed the bridge on nash studs, fits a little loose, but does NOT move when under tension. I had to adjust the bridge as low as it could possibly go, which isn't a good thing, but the action was beautiful and slightly lower than before. i didn't notice any HUGE difference in sustain but that could be attributed to the stock studs. However, it did kind of seem to make each note stand out more. Like when I was playing chords with hammer ons and a lot of chopping everything just popped out more. Anyways, I dig the bridge. Would buy it again.
  11. Thank you! I had to play until my fingers split open, finally get calluses, then play until my calluses fell off! Hahaha I'm a man with a lot of free time
  12. I personally enjoy a set neck of any profile. However, I had a buddy with an American Strat that I ENVIED for the longest time. I still love that fine playing piece of wood. Even if fender sunbursts look corny.
  13. Best pictures I can find of the thing.
  14. That's one hell of a guitar! Funny, my '54 Guild I mentioned above was my grandfather's 14th birthday present (new).
  15. I'll post photos when I figure out how ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ and I just realized there is a whole board for IDing guitars on here. Sorry I posted in the wrong spot... ๐Ÿ˜•
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