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  1. Well it's not very good resolution, but it's the best I could do.
  2. I would love to post pics but cant' figure it out. I went with the pearl white although they both look great. I cant get the site to post the pics I have.
  3. I have a couple of pickguards for my ES 339 studio. The guitar is a gloss red. I cant decide which pickguard to go with . The white pearl or the tortoise. Both look great. Opinions?
  4. Thanks guys. It seems all is well. The middle position on the switch puts the volume pots in series. When they are set equally the bridge pup is hotter than the neck pup. But I think it is a hotter pup anyway. It's working fine after I figured a few things out. Thanks
  5. thanks Gary, This is a new unplayed guitar. Not likely a bad switch. I'll check it out. thanks
  6. I have a 2017 ES-339 studio but no user manual. Can someone explain the three position switch and 4 knobs. I've tried to figure it out by playing it but the center position on the switch doesn't activate both pups. Maybe it shouldn't?? I need a detailed explaination or user manual if there is one. Thanks
  7. This 339 is my first venture into the electric world of six strings. I've been in the acoustic world for 30 yrs. +. I need some recommendations for strings. I plan to play some western, and blues type stuff. I can play around with different brands and gauges, but I need a starting place. thanks
  8. Picked up a 2017 ES-339. Plan to couple it up with a Fender Princeton 112 plus. thanks
  9. Picked up a Fender Princeton 112 Plus in very good condition for under 2 Franklins. Looking forward to how the ES 339 will sound through it. thanks
  10. I have a Crate Acoustic D 60 amp that works really well for my acoustic with pickup. I'm wondering If anyone has run their ES through an amp designed for acoustics. The D 60 is very versatile and clean. But I wonder if the ES-339 will sound good through it. I haven't received the ES339 yet. It's I transit. I just want to be ready to power up when it arrives. I just want something for home jam sessions. Any ideas? thanks
  11. I've heard the 339 studio has the '57 classic pups in it. I am looking at a '17 model that the owner tells me has burstbuckers in it. Is this another name for the 57's or did some of the 339 studio models come with pups other than 57 classics? I thought all the 339 studio's had '57 classics. thanks
  12. I found a 339 studio for about $1100. any thoughts
  13. hey guys, I've been playing acoustic for a while now. Not that I'm good at it. But I'm thinking about an electric box. Leaning toward semi-hollow to hold on to my acoustic roots. Used most likely. I need some help from some more experienced electric players. I'm thinking one of the ES models but open to some thing that may catch my eye.
  14. Hi i'm Anna.

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