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  1. Sorry for duplicate post
  2. One to watch.. or bid on.. at least until the bidding gets ridiculous. :) https://www.shopgoodwill.com/viewItem.asp?ItemID=38552257
  3. One to watch.. or bid on.. at least until the bidding gets ridiculous. :) https://www.shopgoodwill.com/viewItem.asp?ItemID=38552257
  4. Ok.. Update in case anyone is left wondering.. graph tech customer support FAILED! The 16" microbalanced tusq saddle was much too small in length for my Aj-200 and the "presentation" style pins from tusq were also too small. Nut was perfect size and it is installed and waiting for me to lower it. I went ahead and ordered the 3"tusq saddle (pq-9276-00) which is also waiting for me to custom fit. For now I will stick with the plastic pins that came in the guitar.
  5. Your current saddle is your guide.. measure it or hold it side by side with the replacement saddle or saddle material and mark it accordingly. Plenty of diy videos on this topic.
  6. Might be an obvious idea but... but I suggest if you have the guitar you measure it?
  7. https://www.shopgoodwill.com/viewItem.asp?ItemID=38182542
  8. I sure as heck wouldn't buy a 400.00 nut, saddle or pins nor that price for all 8 pieces .. no matter how expensive the guitar it was all going on. Btw you're on an Epiphone acoustic page.
  9. I agree with degradation of customer service in this modern day. And to my other reply, I'm not sure what "thing" you're referring to but I never said anything about price or cost being a factor. Believe me I am well aware of the limitations of over the counter (or worse.. internet) purchases. I wasnt expecting a pricey custom upgrade just the product the company tech assured me was the exact fit for my brand and model guitar..to FIT. Really my point I guess is a "pie in the sky" wish that a list or cross reference guide for fittment of products for more common U.S. and Asian guitars. Maybe like this forum have specifically Epiphone parts forum/list/or whatever.
  10. I know there are many brand names of new and used guitars in the world but IF I made and sold parts for acoustic guitars (for instance) I would KNOW what guitars my product or products fit! I called Graph Tech prior to punching in my debit digits on amazon, trusting the companys technical support, expecting I would get the correct part numbers for the specific tusq nut, tusq compensated saddle and tusq bridge pins for my AJ200/e vs. Boy was I wrong!.. The saddle And pins were wrong... all too small. I haven't received the nut yet as it came in the mail delivery after I left for work today BUT my expectations are extremely low I assure you! So.. I have an AJ200/e Epiphone as I stated, I do not want abs/plastic parts because if I did I have the original plastic parts and could use them if that was the case. I want a NEW exact fitting compensated saddle and NEW exact fitting bridge pins (white with black dots). I pray tech. support got the nut correct! Why can't it be simple?
  11. "I found this Kalamazoo in the back of a shed.".. Why doesn't this happen to ME.. I'm even from Kalamazoo! :( otherwise let me say.. CONGRATULATIONS you fell backwards into a treasure!
  12. I'm comfortable with installation and all.. but I was hoping to hear some reviews on these particular parts from actual customers of Graph Techs tusq microbalanced 16" radius compensated acoustic/electric saddle.
  13. https://www.shopgoodwill.com/viewItem.asp?ItemID=38182542 Exactly like this one.. but disassembled. Realistically I would consider trades or $200.00?
  14. Actually Epiphone production left my home town of Kalamazoo 1969-1970. There is a serial number decoder project and an unofficial epiphone wiki website packed with answer like to the questions you are asking. You'll learn the blue label debacle like the blue labels that say just made in Kalamazoo, some with that plus "union made" in the bottom left corner, some with those two things and "made in Japan" in the bottom right and then there are some with made in kalamazoo AND "made in Japan in the bottom right and nothing in the bottom left side... then after all of those blue label (made in Kalamazoo) stickers ran out I think is when the Norlin (sp) brown square stickers started being put on.. there is a period before or after the use of big brown Norlin (sp) when serial numbering was all messed up, a production move to Korea happened as well as a short production run out west anyway... a hodge podge of stickers was put in epiphones over the years. So stickers like in your picture could be Japan or Korea or ?
  15. Replacing plastic nut saddle and pins with Graph Tech tusq products. Nut is the replacement model for this guitar but the saddle is a 16" radius microbalanced compensated saddle specifically for acoustic/electric and the pins are their white "presentation" style with puau shell dots tusq. Question: Anyone here with experience installing or playing this specific saddle and these specific style pins by graph tech tusq on their acoustic electric epiphone?
  16. Here is a link to epiphone products in the Atlanta, Georgia (USA)area on this page there are a couple FT models. One 6 string (FT-134) and one 12 string (FT-160). https://atlanta.craigslist.org/search/sss?sort=date&query=epiphone
  17. I know this thread is ancient but for what its worth at this point... I was surprised someone didn't immediately comment to your original post that if you was a beginner guitar player, what gave you the notion you could be your own guitar tech and adjust anything but especially your neck? More new players should learn to stop before going the DIY route, turn around walk right back into that "guitar depot" and get their guitars inspected by the places resident professional tech/luthier. Such professionals can be rare in many of the discount or chain music stores but if nothing else their tech knows more than the DIY usually. Or hey they could at that point return that ill-fitted poor sounding guitar for a better situation. You don't fail at DIY and toss it and buy a new one. After getting the "right" guitar and a professional set-up and the perfect string match to your beginners fingers, you've then given yourself, the hobby and that guitar a fair chance and you'd be playing requests at the beach or campsite and serenading your WIFE by now! But.. anyways.. so .. what happened? Rich
  18. Considering an acoustisonic 30.. I know it's not an epiphone but are there any epiphone equivalents even to compare? Anyhoo.. Any experienced reviews on the Fender acoustisonic 30?
  19. :bump: Actually been offered 3.. still undecided.
  20. 2 days 4 hrs remaining and yes it is at $1000!
  21. Cant wait to hear and see what he did for you on it and I'm close enough I may keep my FT132 and have him make it right. Dont forget us here!
  22. Ok.. it made it! At a quick glance the nut will need replacing soon and of course new strings and cleaned up. I have not tested electric pickup yet. Worth $103.15? ...Right now I think so.
  23. $802.00 with 4 days and 7hrs left. Chances are greater that at least a minor repair will be required, and the possibility exist that a major repair will be due. But then there's the chance of a jewel dropped off at goodwill by someone that knows charity isn't about giving junk you have no use for or don't want. Maybe someone needing a quick tax write off or a estate liquidation ..or a spiteful spouse going through divorce. It may be rare but is not impossible to discover a rare find. All that being said... 1. I have pulled the trigger on two guitars there and neither was that particularly rare item nor perfect jewel. 2. The best looking or seemingly rare or perfect find will often be bid beyond the price you could purchase the same guitar at reverb or wherever. So.. I got so long winded the price has probably doubled by now lol
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