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  2. I had a tronical tuner on my les paul. Honestly loved it until it stopped working right. I thought about getting Klusons but I found these cool screw-on keystone buttons that fit on the grovers. I'm sure a few of you have seen these. check it out!
  3. I love that you provided this guide. I had trouble finding it in the manual. Only problem for me: my G-force seems to not accept the 3-on-button command. Basically when the g-force is off and I hit the on button 3 times, there isn't any difference from when I hit it twice. I've hit this problem in the past when I was trying something else but I forgot about it. Anyone experience a similar issue?[/size]
  4. Paid 1700 cash for it. Asking price was 2100. Maybe overpaid by 100ish just due to the condition. There are some dings in the top and finish bubbles on headstock and other places. I restrung it so the strings don't wrap around the tailpiece anymore. Put 10's on it. Honestly, I really dig the g-force. It's really easy to tune and restring. I may have trouble with alternate tunings in the future but we'll see. Very figured top. The knobs are smooth but a bit stiff to turn relative to my PRS and strat. Is this normal, I haven't played with many les pauls?
  5. If you were interested, what would you pay for this? He said he would throw the original Grovers back on.
  6. You guys are good. Here’s the Imgur link for the pic of the posterior head stock. https://imgur.com/a/BGe3u
  7. My guess was an aftermarket front-locking Kluson type tuner. I know John Mann makes them but he's usually more popular with the PRS crowd. And the shaft on those is black I believe just like PRS lockers.
  8. So I'm looking at a 2012 trans amber standard. The usual dead fake giveaways are not present. Overall the guitar looks great. It looks real to me but I'd rather have some more experienced eyes on the job. It looks like the owner swapped the tuners to a front-locking kluson? I may be wrong. Other trans amber standard 2012's I've seen online have grovers. Swapped the knobs, maybe. It also looks like he swapped the nut, just based on the color, but again I could be wrong. No back of the headstock pics but I can get those. The gentleman was really nice, he's got some other serious gear for sale (mesa Mk iV and an LP traditional with a home relic job, i think). edit: Forgot to mention the ad states he put in '57 zebra pups. So those are also not stock.
  9. I Disagree but that's ok. We all have our own tastes
  10. More like buying a 3k guitar that has a headstock that's relatively more likely to break than other 3k guitars, but I'm not a statistician. I'll buy one someday when I have a little more financial stability and I can afford to really enjoy it without worrying about losing my money/guitar.
  11. Here is the link to the post the OP made on the PRS forum. The OP is just trying to incite a division between PRS and Gibson. Most of you guys seem happy to reinforce the division and say PRS are anemic or generic sounding or whatever cliches have been repeated for years about PRS. Personally, I think pitting Gibson vs. PRS is bologna. I'd love to have both and throw in a Fender or two. I like Gibson a lot, especially the Les Paul. Although I want one really bad, I am terrified of buying a really nice one because of the headstock. I'm worried I'd drop it and lose my investment. I love PRS and have a few PRSi. The PRS forum seems a bit more friendly to Gibson. Not sure why there is so much PRS hate here. Obviously, PRS makes some good ****. https://forums.prsguitars.com/threads/just-left-this-in-gibsons-forum-3-strikes-your-out-prs-blows-you-away-gibson.25192/
  12. You could have just said all this in the first place. 3 of the problems you mentioned had not been mentioned yet. As of now, you're still the only one who has responded with any info about headstock SN stamping. I was thinking that the neck may be legit even though the body was trash. Now, thanks to the info that you have provided, I know the tuners are fake and the lack of a stamp indicates a fake. The link from alibaba adds to the case against the neck. Safely we can assume no part of this guitar is legit. Thanks for your contribution.
  13. Yeah I just wrote the rest of the post to throw everyone off the scent of my true singular interest, in the headstock SN... Come on man. Don't make me sorry I asked for help. It was legitimate to ask because many members had replied yet not addressed it. I appreciate everyone else's help. For now I think my planned offer of 200 dollars will not be submitted.
  14. Yeah thats something I knew about the songwriter. Kind of turns the bird into a song-dove. Although, I was also worried that having a long scale length neck placed on a body designed for short scale length might make the scale length even longer than 25.5". any input on the missing SN? ok or red flag?
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