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  1. Im not sold on the top wrap yet :) Honestly its not so much the height but bass to treble slope that worries me. I understand steeper neck angle = higher bridge and higher tail but what accounts for the slope? The bridge saddles are radiused to match the fretboard and string gauge (High vs Low E) shouldn't matter because action is measure from the bottom of the string. So there should be a 2/64 difference in height from the bass to treble side of the bride not what is in these pictures. Does that make sense?
  2. I think it bugs me more because less expensive guitars seem to get it right
  3. If I level the bridge the treble side action would be super high or bass side would be too low. If I raise the tail piece on the treble side I would have no break angle coming off the bridge, if I lower the bass side the low E string bends over the bridge. I'm just not seeing this on any other guitars I have owned or looked at in stores other than newer Gibsons. I have owned several Epiphone Les Pauls over the years that the bridge and tail are level on as well. Maybe I just expected more from a $1500 guitar or maybe I just have a really well made Epiphone. Thanks for the replies...
  4. Hello, I recently purchased my first Gibson Les Paul Studio T 2017 model. When I received the Guitar the setup was terrible. I did a quick setup, put a little relief in the neck .010 (there was none). Set the string height to something sane to start 5/64 Bass 3/64 Treble and raised the stop tail piece to get the E strings off the back of the bridge. I ended up with this: I Contacted Gibson, they advised bringing it to the store to have it evaluated and the store decided to order another. Yesterday I received the replacement There is a pretty good angle between the bass and treble side of the bridge and tail. Is this normal? I have had Tune O Matics before and looked at others in the store and don't see this problem on other brands. Are the neck angles just not checked anymore? Thanks
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