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  1. I bought my guitar from wildwood guitars. the price I paid was like 3899 or some thing like that. what price did you see for this guitar? the satin is quite a bit less maybe that is what your thinking of
  2. hey valerie, https://postimage.io/ this site will allow you to post your images. just copy link of photo
  3. https://s8.postimg.org/5xhibvyg5/015.jpg here is my new es335 along with all my other guitars. she plays like a dream and looks so sweet. a nice addition to my collection
  4. thats because I bought it and it is no longer available i'll change it thanks
  5. wow really nice and as soon as I get it I post pics
  6. http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2016/Memphis/ES-335-Slim-Neck.aspx just bought this from wildwood. will have it in two days cant wait
  7. so what is the difference between humbuckers and the burst buckers?
  8. http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2016/Memphis/ES-335-Slim-Neck.aspx this is the guitar I'm thinking of buying. heard regular 335's have kind of a chunky neck so thought this might be nice. love the sunset burst as well, the guitar is beautiful. thought I would seek advice from you all before I buy. should I wait for 2017 line up or? new or used? the used all seem banged up for the money or maybe I just havn't seen a good one. have looked on ebay and reverb for most part for used and looked wildwood and sweetwater for new, sweetwater does not have this guitar in stock at moment. so what do you all think. I understand personnel preference and all but with that being said there must be things about this lineup i am not aware of. any help and advice would be most welcomed. thanks alot
  9. hello, my name is bob and I live in braintree ma. wanted to stop in and say hello to everyone and introduce myself. love gibson guitars so I guess I'm in the right place. I own a midtown custom 2012 in tobaco burst, a 2017 accoustic songwriter cutaway in autumn burst a tele and a epi masterbuilt. had to remove auto tuner from accoustic, was horrible. anyway am getting ready to buy a es335 as well. am very excited. my level of skill is still a newbie but getting my feet under me as we speak. i'm recently retired and have restarted my interest in music. so hello very nice to meet you all
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