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  1. Floor stand. She needs to breathe. Reasonably distance from heater/radiator.
  2. You can reverse bridge saddles in E and G in case an intonation problem? You get some milimeters. I have SG Special with this issue.
  3. May Your play be as sweet as maple syroup!!! Or even more!
  4. It's T version in satin vintage sunburst. Working good with all my stompboxes and wah's. And it's not very hard to make her sing like a start what makes her versatile IMHO. But it wasn't playable "out of the box" as i often heard. String action was too low and truss rod was too stright. Also needed tunomatic set. And finally it was hard to set intonation. I have heard they send to Poland worse ones... But a little gym with screwdriver and penfil made her sound quite attractive :)
  5. Hello Gibson World! Starting the yourney with SG Special 2017
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