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  1. Mine too. I never realized this was such an issue for some people.
  2. I recently bought a 2016 Les Paul Studio T in Satin Fireburst for under $1000 CDN at Long and McQuade here in Canada. It would seem they are still widely available up here.
  3. A drop or two of Gorilla glue on the tip of the screw should prevent that from ever happening again. It worked excellent for the sling on my Remington 870 and it goes through a helluva lot more abuse every fall than your guitar ever should.
  4. I have been using Schallers since I bought my first guitar at 18 and have never experienced any of these problems. The locking mechanism that holds the strap on is solid enough that you could swing your guitar around by its strap like Nikki Sixx and pretty much never have to worry about it flying off. Under normal use, I can't see how the guitar would slip off the strap. Regardless, strap locks are infinitely more reliable than standard strap pegs, and Schallers stick out less on the guitar than stock. I have never had a problem putting my guitar in its case once it has been equipped with
  5. I keep my electrics in hard-shell cases. My Seagull acoustic is on a stand so I can grab it and play whenever I get the urge to.
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