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  1. There's some decent stuff on Facebook but some of these groups and people, wow. The politics there has gotten more and more stupid every day. Anyway, welcome back!
  2. Hey Ray, don't suppose you heard about that Jimi guy, have you? I heard he played guitar a little. Anyway, he died too. Rock on, my friend!
  3. We were just talking about this at the grocery the other day. Things keep getting smaller all the time. The Hostess Cupcakes are like mini cupcakes. They're making them smaller so they can charge close to the same so we think prices aren't changing as much as they are. A sales guy at Guitar Center mentioned how the newer Gibson Flying V's are smaller than the old ones. I disagreed and went home to measure mine. I measured an '81, '07 and '18 and they're all the same size, except for the headstock which is shorter on the '81.
  4. I have a 2017 Goldtop Tribute with P90's and that guitar is awesome. It plays just as well as the others and it's a great guitar. I think it's 1 in 1000 but I really like it. I haven't played the 2019. I also play mostly classic rock and blues and that Tribute gets the job done. I personally like the P90's a lot for what I do.
  5. I'm not sure I could ever pay that much for a sporting event or concert. Good for you though! I hope your team wins.
  6. We use powered fronts as well these days but we're a full band and play small to medium sized venues. JBL EON 615 x 2 http://www.jblpro.com/www/products/portable-market/eon600-series/eon615#.XcQt_JVYaUk JBL EON 618s https://www.jblpro.com/www/products/portable-market/eon600-series/eon618s#.XcQuYZVYaUk We have a 24 channel board, 3 snakes to go from drums, left stage, right stage to board. Our monitors (for now) are unpowered and we run our power amps to the 4 monitors. We like our powered speakers but have backups, just in case. However, you can also plug an XLR cable directly into a Mackie Thump 15" and get way louder than your amp for vocals. https://mackie.com/products/thump-powered-loudspeakers We used that for our practice PA for a while until we bought the other equipment. At 1000 watts, it worked just fine. Volume knob is on the powered amp/speaker combo.
  7. Hendrix was great and needed a great band to keep up with him. Bassist and drummer both were fine musicians. Very cool clip and thanks for sharing. I hadn't seen that one before.
  8. It's hard to tell but the one on the right is really a very dark red. But, thank you!
  9. I agree completely. I don't know who started this whole "this guitar brand is better than that one." I'll play any brand/guitar I want and like including Gibson, Ibanez, Fender, Schecter, etc. I really don't care what some internet weenie says about my choice of guitars. I play them and that should be enough. I don't see why people get so bent out of shape over someone's preference of guitar or brands.
  10. My Tribute is one of my favorite guitars and I also have a Classic, Traditional and Standard.
  11. PRS just doesn't do it for me. I tried a number of them a while back. Most of the ones I played, I played without an amp and just didn't like the way they felt in my hands. I did watch the video and I didn't think they sounded the same at all with all the instruments being compared. At least, in my old ears, not any more than any guitar would with similar woods, similar humbuckers and same amp and settings would sound the same. It's also been said and proven that even a variety of 58, 59, 60 Les Pauls have different sounding wood, pickups, tone. I understand the search for an awesome tone but I'm still not sold on PRS.
  12. Apparently the wood is "burl" but they didn't say which type of wood it was or if it was just the burl itself. Basically, I have a diseased guitar. :D The neck feels a lot like my 2017 Les Paul Tribute with the thin neck, satin finish on back of the neck. It's definitely a wonderful playing and sounding guitar.
  13. Flying V family pictureHere's my four V's.Left to right: Dixon Flying V with Kahler and DiMarzio pickups that I got in 1983. 2007 Gibson Faded V that I got in 2012 or 2013. 1981 Gibson "The V" that I got in 1984. 2018 Gibson Flying V that I got a year ago. And, one the Goldtop photobombed!
  14. I know, right? That makes two "pointy guitars" this year and one volume and one tone on each! I'm pretty sure I posted the Ibanez Jiva I got earlier this year as well. I really do prefer my Gibsons and having two volume knobs and two tone knobs because I do use them a lot. With the Schecter and Ibanez, I am able to make use of the coil tap on the Schecter and the middle pickup on the Ibanez. My 7 Gibsons still outnumber my Strat and Super Strats. :) I used my Schecter at two band practices last week and it'll definitely do the trick. No complaints at all. I still bring at least one Les Paul with me on gigs. This was a couple weeks ago.
  15. Here's some closeups. It kind of looks like granite but I promise it's not that heavy.
  16. Not the guitar I associate with him and very overpriced.
  17. If you're not hitting a lot of bumps, not driving like a maniac and have everything secured, they should be fine as is. When we were touring, I had 4 guitars and two amps with me and they were usually in the back of the school bus with the rest of the equipment or in the back of a pickup truck with a cab on it. People do it all the time. Since you're loading up and packing it up, you'll make sure they're secure. The destruction happens when they're mailed, shipped or taken on an airplane and the baggage/package handlers don't care and toss them around. These days we routinely take guitars in the back set of a pickup truck and amps/PA/lights and everything else in a trailer behind the truck. I wouldn't do me much good if those things were that fragile that they couldn't be taken out and played.
  18. I'd never owned many other brands. I've been a Gibson guy for decades. Four Les Pauls, three Flying V's, a Fender Strat, an Ibanez and now a Schecter. My sales guys at Guitar Center wanted to know who I was or if I was sick. :D I've not really tried many different brands. This one was an exception.
  19. David Gilmour has some very tasteful use of a whammy bar for subtle use. Hendrix, Beck, Vai, Satriani, Van Halen, Sambora, Rhoads, just about every 80's rock band. I have three guitars equipped with one, two of them locking. I pretty much only use them for dive or effect. We all had at least one guitar with them in the 80's.
  20. I've had the Boss BCB-60 for almost two years and I've not had any issues with it. Power supply has been solid, lots of space for my pedals. The cutouts are pretty easy to use. It has a nice sturdy case for lugging around. There's probably better boards and setups out there but this one is solid or at least it has been for me. I use it for band rehearsal and gigging and it's not failed me yet. With the Boss pedals you already have, they'll fit quite nicely in that board.
  21. Yes, when I get home tonight, I'll post a few closeup pictures and post them here. Thanks!
  22. I was at Guitar Center Saturday and picked up this Schecter guitar that caught my eye and I've played it a few times. I wasn't looking to buy a guitar but this one played so nice. My lovely lady twisted my air and had me plug it in to hear it and I was blown away. The pickups kind of remind me of my guitars with DiMarzio pickups. Mid range, fairly hot, clear. But what got me was the coil tap and the sound of the Strat I could get out of that guitar when backing off the volume a little bit. I like the terms used for this guitar. Sonic destruction on a catastrophic level. Tight, focused and articulate response designed to shake the ground you stand on. Bone crunching pickups. I played it at band rehearsal the other night and it'll get the job done. My Les Pauls and Flying V's are still my main guitars but this is a very good guitar for less than $600.00. Seems to be a Guitar Center and Musician's Friend exclusive. The blue stripe in the picture is reflected from the window. It's a kind of brownish charcoal color. I've never really played a Schecter much until this one and haven't owned one either. Stayed in tune perfectly for 4 + hours of practice. Quality guitar at a good price. https://www.schecterguitars.com/guitars/cr-6-charcoal-burst-detail
  23. I think it was something in the lights or something that caused more noise. I usually back off the volume on the P90's and crank it up for a solo or something. I also keep the gain down a bit for a nice crunch. They work well for a lot of the songs we do and have a killer clean sound as well. I make due with whatever guitar/pickup/amp I have that evening. I do like my P90 guitars as much as the others.
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