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  1. I have guitars with P-90's and guitars with single coils and guitars with humbuckers. I'm good with any of them. My Goldtops with P90's are a couple of my favorite guitars plugged into my Marshall. It was fairly noisy on stage the other night but it usually isn't too bad.
  2. I have a Les Paul Standard with the push/pull pots, which is a coil tap. I also have Les Pauls with P90's. I'm not 100% sure what the difference is but there is a difference in sound. It could be the pickups themselves or the guitars but it is a different sound.
  3. RCT, can you see it in the daylight pretty well? We've done a few outdoor gigs this summer and mine was very difficult to see.
  4. I have a pretty good Snark stage tuner. Its great for stage and when it's semi-dark or completely dark. However, in broad daylight, it's nearly impossible to see. Is there a tuner that you guys use that's good for night and day? I have one of those headstock tuners that are OK during the day but I'd like to have something on the board.
  5. Getting ready for another set of gigs on October 11th and 12th. Kentucky weather just got the memo that it's October, so we went from about 100 degrees yesterday to 74 degrees today. Playing Louisville Friday night from 10 PM to 2 AM, packing up, driving an hour home, getting home at 4 AM. Waking up and doing setup Saturday at 11 AM here for an outdoor crafts festival where we play 1 to 3 PM and then tear down. We're too old for that kind of booking. But, a year and a half ago, we had nothing and we've been booked solid since May at least two weekends a month. We're off this coming weekend, so relaxing, finally.
  6. We don't need no stinking videos! :D They can just put links up there. "Here's someone playing a Les Paul. And here's another. We still make those."
  7. Three of my new Les Pauls and my new Flying V (2017 through 2018) have that smell. I don't know if it's vanilla but it's a sort of sweet candy type smell. My old '81 V smells like stale beer, old wood and tobacco. It's seen a lot of smoky clubs/bars.
  8. You are correct. That is a bass. It's a 1984 Aria Pro bass that he got from Moscow. He has played guitar for about 40 years and switched to bass about 15 months ago when we formed the band. I have a ton of pictures from all our gigs since May of this year and a few from last year. It's really good to be playing in a band again. I played a lot of gigs, toured and all that back in the early 80's to mid 90's and just got with a band again last year. I don't miss the load in and load out but missed playing.
  9. I would love to hear how well these last. I've used Ernie Ball Super Slinky strings since probably around 1984 or 1985. From then until last year, I had only broken 2 strings during that time. In the last year, I've broken probably 10 strings, even their Paradigm strings, which are supposed to be unbreakable. And, it's not on any one guitar in particular. I think it's just a bad bunch or their quality isn't what it once was. I'm looking for a new string or brand to try and see how they last.
  10. As some of you know, I got with a new band last year. We had a few gigs, some personnel changes and added a guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist last March to fill the lineup. We've played 10 gigs since May and they've mostly been 1 day gigs at clubs. We played a pretty huge gig at Headliners in Louisville and Friday After 5 in Owensboro and each of those gigs had 5-600 people. The rest were 100 or so until last weekend. Last weekend, we played the Kentucky Bourbon Festival and we played all three nights. Friday 5 to 8, Saturday 8 to midnight, Sunday 2 to 5. Good money, lots of fun but it was outside on the back patio and we had to set up and tear down each day since there was no way to protect the equipment from the elements and potential theft or damage. That's me on the left with my 2018 Gibson Flying V. Singer in the middle with his Gibson Les Paul Studio. Other guitarist on the right with Gibson Jim Beam Custom guitar. It was a really great weekend but I'm pretty wiped out today. It was 90+ degrees and the last picture is later on Friday evening with my Gibson Les Paul Standard. We're getting too old for 3 days in a row. I was wiped out yesterday.
  11. I had a minor issue with the PCB in my 2017 Standard which was resolved fairly slowly by Guitar Center. I had to call Gibson to give them a kick in the rear. Since then I've bought a 2017 Tribute, a 2018 Traditional and an 2018 Classic, all Les Pauls. I then bought a 2018 Flying V. All have been near perfect. I think the quality control myth was started by PRS dealers and fans. Sure, there have been some duds but overall, I feel mine didn't get the poor quality control memo.
  12. MichaelT

    Flying V

    That V was heavily modded but I can speak from experience that 2007 was a great year for the Flying V. The headstock and body is consistent with mine. Mine is a 2007 Faded V with three pickups.
  13. RIP Ric. I had no idea he was 75. I really like a lot of Cars songs.
  14. MichaelT

    2019 lacquer

    Yeah because they're fooling those of us who lived it. :) "Please. I got picks older than you."
  15. MichaelT

    2019 lacquer

    People can look at my '81 Gibson V that I've had for 35 years and played hundreds of gigs with it and tell it's real wear and tear and love. I even tried to take care of it, tried not to leave it in a cold or hot vehicle for a few hours between gigs or overnight. Sometimes stuff happened. We played (usually) Tues - Sat or Wed - Sat, 10:00 PM to 2:00 or 2:30 AM, different club, difference city each week back in the day. Went to sleep around 4 or 6 AM, got up around 4 PM, got ready, lather, rinse, repeat. Age 16 to 30 or so with that schedule and now about two weekends a month.
  16. Always liked Eddie Money. Sad news indeed.
  17. Where is that posted? In a bathroom? "Hey dude, I got your number off the bathroom wall." "Maybe we can write about that too!" I'm also the kind of person that would meet back there just to see who in the heck wrote that. Standing there would be 10 other guys, all trying to figure out who is Colin.
  18. I'm going to guess this is about "Chinese" counterfeit Gibsons, which seems to be all the rage on the internet. People have them or hate them. I hate when people get duped into buying a counterfeit guitar.
  19. Tuner is essential. I use a wah in a couple songs. A delay on a couple songs. A chorus on a few songs. But, I'm quite ok with just plugging into my Marshall tube amp, cranking it up and have at it. I use the volume, tone and pickup selector switch a lot and quite comfortable with guitar and amp only and played for many years with very little effects and stuff.
  20. I didn't watch much of it but apparently they were grouped by type. I imagine if he turned them all on at once, he'd sound like Tom Morello. Or U2. (Sorry, couldn't resist)
  21. This is one of the songs on our list and we have three guitarists playing this song at once. Our singer plays guitar, and we also have another lead guitarist/keyboardist along with myself. It's definitely one of my favorites to play and the solo is so fun to play. It's one of those that you gotta learn pretty much note for note because everyone knows it and there's little room for much improvisation. That first note when the bass comes back in has to be just perfect and that Les Paul ringing out that single note is so awesome. It cuts right through.
  22. It's beautiful and if it sounds as good as it looks, I'd be playing it as much as I can. Back in ye olden days, people would put a microphone in front of their guitar instead of installing electronics in it so there's that option. You probably won't impress as many people at church with what you have as you do here as we're all drooling a little bit, I'd reckon. They would see it and think it's pretty, of course but for most people a guitar is a guitar. They wouldn't know the difference between a $200.00 guitar and a $10,000.00 guitar. If it were me, I'd play it everywhere I felt safe. I would not play it a Slimy Joe's Bar over in the bad area of town where drunks and other people of ill repute may damage or steal it. That's my opinion.
  23. I play my electrics most of the time. In an amp and fairly loud with the band at rehearsals and at gigs. Most of the time at home I'm at fairly low volume or completely unplugged. For that, I have different amps for different things. My Marshall valve amps (DLS40CR 40 watt combo and DSL100HR half stack) are for live gigs and rehearsals. My solid state Fender Mustang and Marshall Code50 are mostly for home use and for backup amps. I use the Marshall DSL40CR combo most of the time and use the half stack for larger gigs where it's a bigger stage and 300-500 people instead of 100 or so.
  24. The other guitarist/keyboardist in our band swears by his Helix. Nita Strauss swears by her GT1000. I like my Marshall valve amps and have both Fender Mustang and Marshall Code modeling amps for practice and backup. I've played the Helix and for me, it doesn't have enough response but it could be the way he has it set. There's a lot of really nice features but I wouldn't use 90% of them with what we're currently playing.
  25. Just my stage tuner. It's the Snark stage tuner. Big bright letters that are easy to read in low light. I could do without most of the rest. My amp has a clean/crunch and overdrive1/overdrive2 along with a little reverb. I use a chorus pedal for a few songs and occasionally my wah pedal. That's about it. I don't even use the tuner much since mine stay in tune pretty well once they acclimate to the environment.
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