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  1. Nothing but praise and thanks for your thoughtful response!!!
  2. Thanks for the question and the help. This is the only issue with the guitar - nothing structural, or even any other finish "anomalies" (though even that is probably the wrong word given all the comments on how this is somewhat "normal"). I purchased this guitar about 3 years ago, so just after it's 10th or 11th bday. It's the J45 Custom Rosewood as noted in my sig. The mark was smaller when I got it - has spread a bit. I keep one of the Boveda/D'Addario humidity packs in the case with it at all times when not gigging/in-use. Is that a good idea? Have heard mixed things.
  3. Thanks for the recommendations! Hitting the shop today (and, if that fails, Amazon). Cheers, friends, appreciate the kind words and advice. - B
  4. Thank you so much for taking a moment to look, and helping to educate me. I'd always baby'd it, so was worried when this appeared. That said, I'm not trying to sell it, just play it 'til I'm gone!
  5. Hi team, I have a 2003 J45 Custom with a lacquer crack (is not a structural issue). Will take it in to a great shop in Los Angeles next week (suggestions?), but any thoughts on how issues like this are dealt with and if this is a long-term, fatal flaw in the guitar? I updated with larger images - thanks for thoughts!
  6. Gorgeous - any experience with the Baggs M1 Active?
  7. Thanks much - looking for a soundhole design now with the help of my fellow boarders!
  8. Looks good and affordable! Will check it out - thx again!
  9. Hi! Those pics are super hi-rez, but I felt I needed to "dumb them down" so that I didn't run out of the "500k global upload quota." Is there a way around that? I'm going to put bigger ones up right now, btw.
  10. Oooh, any suggestions on good ones would be appreciated! TY!
  11. Indeed there was just such a button - can't believe I didn't see it on my own! Thank you so much for the tip - all is now good. Have a great weekend!
  12. Thanks, Buc. I was leaning in that direction, but it's always nice to have the opinion of others to open a mind ;) I appreciate your comments and suggestion.
  13. Hi folks, IOn one of my first posts, I added a couple pics before I realized there was a "global upload quota" of 500k. The two photos were around 220k each thereby killing nearly all my space as I understand it. Is there any way to go back and delete those photos (or the whole post) so that I can share smaller additional photos on other threads? Thank you for your advice!
  14. Sure, was on Reverb...had lots of convos with the previous (1st) owner.
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