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  1. more than a llama crayola crayons can make your own finish neither i think, but a case can be had for "favors" you're welcome
  2. dude, 90% of blues music is recycled blues licks. the auto tuned "dig" was not at cover or blues artists, its at no talent hacks i.e. rebecca black. i do like seeing myself quoted though, keep up the good work
  3. and for the record, i never brought covers vs originals into this. if someone wants to start that though, i will be more than happy to oblige
  4. now, in the great wise words of our own matt, you're comparing apples to dinosaurs. and i don't feel like you read any of my post at all because i never bashed covering a song in this thread...
  5. going to see it with a lady friend soon, let me know how it is i heard grohl is in it
  6. i clicked on your link and i was all like i just want to hug him
  7. Dude, if I go sing an auto tuned song that someone else wrote that's still an expression of myself and that expression is that I can't do my own music. Still an expression of your own self worth. I'll take some dude screaming his heart out on the acoustic over old recycled blues licks everyday. The original song as written is an expression of yourself. Even if you can't write your own music, there's still probably a reason why you chose to cover a certain song. Music is a little window into people and they often let their guards down. Don't be ignant man This 2 minute song
  8. get a low wattage amp turn it up until you get your desired gain ????? profit
  9. any music is an expression of self
  10. rain and i only see hipsters when i look in the mirror
  11. my bad, i should have posted some whitesnake...
  12. zz top is one of the bands where i like the idea of them more than the band itself... like in my head they're awesome, but for whatever reason, i can't stick with the songs. idk
  13. i have a vox wah cuz i got it super cheap, I'm not big on wahs. Yeah, I think most production pedals going with a clone or boutique is the way to go but you have to admit, tortex is ******* awesome
  14. I'm getting my acoustic set up and will probably ask for a souldier strap or two
  15. eh, its useful though, but i use power supplies sooooo... my cat is named dunlop, so i think its pretty sweet. i love their picks, everything else? meh. i think meh is like the definition of dunlop. they don't suck but its just... meh
  16. bro, this forum is turning into a fred and dub love fest tonight i was listening to a bunch of pin back yesterday while me and my friend were cruising around and enjoying some of colorado's finest medicine. it was awesome. but seriously, i need to sell this for some cash for the holidays d00ds
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