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  1. <3 I was hoping it would have a volume... we must talk then...
  2. i might have to commission you for a sweet trem, what controls is this gonna have? **** it, i'm just gonna send you an email cuz you're so cute
  3. dub, your builds are so clean. its ridiculous
  4. gibson forums told me to say hello. how are you doing? glad to see you joined these wonderful forums, hope to see more posts from you. btw, you can call me nate. fred is a nickname

  5. See, i smoke like less than a pack a week, and I feel no draw to do it, I'm just doing it because I have time between class and all of my friends smoke but i started because it helped with my anxiety attacks, which it did. I can't get addicted because I can't afford em when i move back to illinois hhahah. smoking sucks though to be honest

  6. word. right now, i've been playing it low key with women, but most of the girls I like are in relationships...

    Midterms suck, but I get to write an awesome paper on Wilco for my anthro class, so its ok I guess.

    marlboros make me sick, dem00n is probably gonna call me a super hipster, but now i only smoke american spirits, but I'm probably going to quit because they...

  7. i've been dieting, and cigarettes taste terrible to me now, no idea why. I have like a Clif Bar a day plus a light dinner, and that's it.

    If I seem crabby, its because I have to deal with enough whiny bullshit in the real world, that I don't want to hear it on the forum I guess.

    idk, im sorry. btw, clear your PMs fool


  8. surprised that holds up the amp... really surprised
  9. I'll sue ya if you do. Sell me your SG since you don't use it. Dirt cheap, cuz its old but not vintage

    It should be cool man, I will be awaiting sound clips when you finish

  10. HOly ****! that would be sextacular. I might have to steal that idea, or we could start our own awesome business building insane fuzz with no tone control and balls off the wall sustain and crunch

  11. Dan Auerbach is the ****! He kicks *** live. He used his Harmony for all of the two piece songs, and used the National on all of the Brothers songs with bass and keys. His tone is huge, and his fuzz is off the wall insane

    that thread is awesome, i just wanna know the answers. Its like when you turn in an essay, and the teacher says to give em a month to grade it

  12. Greenhornes rock! For me, its all Wilco, all the time lately...
  13. They're not canadian that's what!
  14. we are making our own sitcom show. You down for filming?

  15. Did you think we would stop just because you stopped showing your face around these parts? It's official bromance material you are missing out on. We could have our own sitcom... which would be a great idea

  16. did you decide to leave mine and dub's little love fest?

  17. It's terrible. I average about 4 hours of sleep on good nights. No idea why. I usually only have caffeine on the weekends and in the morning with coffee
  18. check your emails your portuguese ****

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