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  1. Just picked up my Epiphone LesPaul 1959 standard complete with Lifton style hardcase and certificate of authenticity. The previous owner for some unknown reason, took out the 'Burstbucker 3' bridge pickup and has put some crappy b&w humbucker in its place. The neck pickup is the original burstbucker 2. Will replacing the bridge pickup with a new burstbucker 3 be the same as the way it was when it left the factory? Thanks
  2. G'day folks. I am writing from Sydney Australia and this is my first post! I am the proud owner of a Epiphone 50th Anniversary 1959 Les Paul Standard tribute guitar. Fans of this model will know there was only 1959 units made and they came with a Lifton style brown hard case with pink lining like the 50's Gibson cases as well as a certificate of authenticity. Firstly, let me say I know this guitar is genuine and it has a serial number engraved in the back of the head stock like the originals, and secondly, I despise counter fitters and cheats. For the appropriate people, I will happily provide any photos and identification required if need be. I am desperate to replace the missing COA and case at any cost, to make my guitar complete once more. I have spoken to the company who has the importing rights from Gibson which was an exercise in frustration. If anybody knows where or who I need to speak to, I would forever be in your gratitude. Kind regards Cameron, Sydney Australia.
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