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  1. I'm working up the nerve to try The Dutchman...one of those songs that's so sad it's pretty...
  2. I'll bite...the Doves I've had seemed to play themselves...my old B45 12 string and I have to add the LG2 American Eagle I just got...
  3. Ohhh, you have a life...it can be a "Life's work" trying to find rhyme or reason to anything Gibson does/did...
  4. Wow...and it still works...congrats!
  5. Not to be contrary, but I just pulled the trigger on a '17 LG2 American Eagle w/a Natural finish...maybe they changed up over the years?
  6. Huh...that's about an hour away...who knew
  7. That explains why John Denver called West Virginia "Almost Heaven"...it's next door!
  8. I don't really have anything to add other than condolences on your loss and congratulations on the guitar...those plastic bridges are timebombs waiting to go off so, yaeh, look into getting it replaced./..here's to many years playing it!
  9. So I asked that a week ago..no replies...guess I'm not the only one doesn't know what it is? ...
  10. Cabarone

    60 today

    Can't complain, bro...been through worse...Rita had back surgery a couple months ago (recovering well), getting pretty involved w/the praise team @ church...how are things your way?
  11. What model Gibson is that? 3/4 size?
  12. Wow...great catch...slopes never really grabbed me but for some reason that one looks like a real catch...wait a minute...that sound you just heard is my mind opening up...
  13. That sounds like way too much $$$ to me...as far as Norlin-era Gibsons, my "First love" was a '77 Dove Custom that I wish I'd never parted with...as for the appeal of birth year guitars, my first father-in-law was wont to say, "A good price is all in how bad you want something".... I had one of those square-shoulder j45's..I like it, but it wasn't my Dove...sigh...
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