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  1. Thanks paddybrown, those are nice. I've also found a company called Obsidian Wire who builds similar PCB's. I was hoping to see if adding a Treble Bleed to the existing Gibson PCB was possible and how it's done. Thanks for your input.
  2. I've talked on here about pots and considered pulling out the PCB stuff in my Classic, but I'd also like to here any feedback on people keeping theirs. My main question would be has anyone ever put a Treble Bleed in on a PCB and if so, how? Did it fix the dullness/muddiness and loss of high end? Just looking for some thoughts here.
  3. Hmmm, the research I did with this subject yielded some different findings. I'll note that I fall into the tone chasing "tricks" and to be honest, I'll sometimes try them just to see if they're is anything to it, sometimes there is and sometimes there isn't. String wrapping over the tail piece is the result of the build structure of the guitar. I'll do my best to explain, but there are multiple YT videos from reputable sources that explain this way better than I can. First, it is said to get the best resonance from your guitar, the tail piece should be set all the way to the guitar so it sits right on it, to maximize the string/body vibrations ( insert tone chasing cliches here). Now, as a result of the angle created by this coming up to the bridge (and this depends on the guitars construction), sometimes the string will touch the edge of the bridge before it hits the actual saddle. This is not a good thing and can hinder the string from fully vibrating and ringing clearly, not to mention creating another edge that could cause string breakage. If the guitar is poorly constructed, you can't just "adjust" this out. Gibson has, for the most part, corrected this issue, but the older ones are what they are. I'll say that doing this does create a "looser" feel of the strings, but tonally except for clearing the string away from the bridge, I don't hear a difference. I'm no expert for sure and I'm not saying that my research should be taken for gospel, I'm just offering up what I've researched, tried and learned over the years.
  4. Hmmm, interesting. I may put some shielding tape on the back covers and see where that gets me as well. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, you would think. It's very weird and frustrating at the same time.
  5. I should also mention that there's a weird "static" noise when I'm touching the strings. It goes away when I touch the bridge or tail piece. I think I read about this happening to someone somewhere as well.
  6. I do stand corrected, thank you. It was 1990 that they were first introduced. After doing some research, it seems the 90-93 Classics were as nice as a '59' reissues.
  7. I believe the Classic series debuted in 2000. So, that is a first year model, nice.
  8. I have a question about pots. If I decide to gut my LP and go old school, which pot should I go with? I know I want 500k and I want to add a Treble bleed because I want to retain the high end as I role off the volume. Stew Mac sells actual Orange Drop caps with a treble bleed. I believe the Historic Audio pots that Gibson sells are considered very good, but are they any better than a normal CTS pot? Say like one from Emerson Custom? I realize the Gibson's are CTS, but didn't know if they'd be the better choice given what I'm looking for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. That's great to hear that you can still add a treble bleed to them, I'm not found of the taper the new 2019-20 boards have. The pots are 500k right?
  10. The new Original collection Standards are fitted with the cream plastic input jack plate. So, that's the new norm. I prefer the metal ones, but it still looks good.
  11. Daxman

    New LP issue

    Really looking forward to getting into the P90 vibe with the new TV Special, can't wait.
  12. Thanks capmaster. I'll have to find my multimeter and check that out.
  13. Thanks guys, it's just frustrating. I'll be taking to the dealer and have them take a look at it when this all blows over.
  14. Daxman


    I agree. Not sure Gibson paired those two pickup types together.
  15. Well, did some tests. I fooled with and touched everything inside the cavities and only two places made any real "extra" noise. First was the switch where the two metal tabs coming from both sides solder together made a loud hum when I touched it. The two individual sides (Treble and Rhythm) did make any noise. I jiggled the input wires/plug for both pickups (where they plug into the PCB board) and at certain points it made a hum, but did not visibly seem/look loose. Both plugs seemed pushed in fully. Any thoughts?
  16. Thanks for the responses guys. I'll give the ideas a try and report back.
  17. Thanks for the response Black Dog. In our current situation, it'd be tough to return it. It's a catch 22 I guess for me. I'd be willing to take it to the store it was bought from and have them look at it first before I return it, but they're currently closed down like most businesses. That's what I want to do first, but since that's not an option bat the moment, I figured I'd ask on here and see if it's something else like user error lol.
  18. Straight to the point, I like that lol. Thank you.
  19. I'm extremely unhappy with these pickups. The bridge pickup is so harsh, brash and ice picky no matter how I set the height. There's no balance to it at all. The neck isn't too bad, but I can't seem to get that one bright enough for my tastes. And they're noisy, very noisy. Any chance they'd sound better hand wired rather than on the PCB?
  20. Hey guys and Gals, looking for some help here. Can anyone tell me if they ever had an issue with noise coming from their pickups on this model? When I touch the pickup there is a static-like noise that it makes. Also, it just seems more noisy than any other guitar, almost ground issue-like, lots of hum. Also, when I turn the volume from off to on, or vice versa, you can here a very audible hum-like noise. I'll also say this that I'm very unhappy with the tone of these pickups (61T & 61R). It's hard to even explain, just no balance to the tone, it's too bright and ice picky no matter how I set the bridge. And just so you all know, I have narrowed it down to the guitar itself, experimenting with all possible scenarios (amp, cable, power, etc...). Please help.
  21. Thank you! And well said lol.
  22. Hey fellow boards members, I got some questions about Gibson's 50th anniversary SG. Does anybody have any experience with them or have any opinions on them? Does the guitar market see them as "special" or collectible? I recently traded for one and it's pretty nice, but was wondering how they compare to others. thanks for any and all response.
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