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  1. Did the set up include all of the fret leveling and polishing and such? Also, there will always be a normal amount of fret buzz, and as long as you can't notice it on your amp there isn't an issue.
  2. Kimolas

    my kids guitar

    That acoustic in your avatar also has a hole in its body! A very considerable hole, actually. Very noticeable.
  3. 516! Pretty nice. I'm on the school's math team, we're 3rd in the Nation. I'll be competing in Number Theory next year, so I'll have an explanation for this next year :P
  4. I absolutely love the selection they have at my local Best Buy! The guitars are all in great condition, same with all of their gear. The traffic there isn't nearly as bad as how it is at Guitar Center. The entire Best Buy can be full, and yet the music section is usually empty. They have a sound-proof room filled with amazing guitars, all high-end, and amazing amps, once again all high-end. Everything is well cared for, and the employees work on a fixed salary. They know their stuff and are very kind.
  5. My Peavey Windsor Studio has an attenuator built-in, and I couldn't imagine playing without one!
  6. Wow, quite a different line-up. This interests me, because 1993 was the year I was born in.
  7. Hagstroms are great! One thing to know about Hagstroms and tube amps, coming from a Hagstrom player and Peavey Windsor Studio owner: The pickups on the Hagstroms aren't very hot, and as such you might have some trouble getting even a little bit of break up in the sound, there's very little distortion, even at the highest gain. The sound is still great, and if you decide you need more gain, it's a simple pickup swap, or you can also use an overdrive pedal.
  8. I think that most of you are doing good by warning him of the dangers of leaving it out in the sun for too long. But some people are missing the point. I guess it's just a matter of opinion, but in this case we have only one opinion to worry about, and it's the guy that asked the question... For those saying that it's dumb to age the guitar "artificially," you are totally missing the point. Murphy wouldn't have a job aging guitars and Jimmy Page replica Gibsons wouldn't sell at all if your mindset applied to everyone else. We buy aged guitars because we find them beautiful. Just like how we try out more than one guitar to see which one "feels" the best, most of us have an idea of what a beautiful Les Paul should look like, and if it means aging it by leaving it out in the sun, then "mojo" won't matter to the person that really wants the Lester of their dreams... Heck, if the guitar ends up looking better than it used to after the sun treatment, then wouldn't it be played more, and thus end up with more "mojo?"
  9. I used to use Gibson Vintage Reissues (pure nickel), and I recently switched to D'Addario XLs. I've had this Gibson LP since January, and there wasn't a single scratch on the frets, but with the D'Addario strings there's a very noticeable amount of fret wear. This is probably due to them being nickel plated steel, instead of pure nickel. But mostly because these sound so darn good! I can't put my LP down!
  10. Yeah, all of these "_______ burst" finishes are just different stages of the fading of a cherry burst.
  11. You could also try a better cable.
  12. Madguitarist, that's the sickest flame I've ever seen!
  13. Your monitor might not be showing the colors as they really are. Invest in a better monitor, or at least calibrate your current one. The differences in the bursts might be subtle, but subtle things can affect a $3k or more guitar purchase.
  14. That's exactly what my 08 Studio looks like. sucks though, I can't just switch one pot for a push/pull now without replacing all of the electronics.
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