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  1. yes I checked and all midi outputs are correct... it works with v2.71 and also other softwares like virtual dj...but doesn't work in deackadance v2.6
  2. except for the highs that doesn't work in 2.72... mids and lows sound very similar in both versions...I think my main issue is with the mids sounding too nasal/boxed and not cutting enough ...you can compare it with other software and is very apparent...BTW now that I installed v2.61 my behringer controllar is not showing the green lights only orange...I looked but couldn't find any settings for this..any ideas? Thanks very much for all your help!
  3. ok so v2.61 works...but still I have to say the quality of the eqs is very poor (I've been comparing it with traktor and virtual dj): the high cuts are extremely high frequencies...the mids are nasal sounding and all the cuts don't work all the way... thanks
  4. thanks ! I'm on win 10...I'll give it a try..Let you know
  5. I tested it and I don't think is working at all...Also I talked to tech support from Sweetwater (online store where I purchased it) and he mentioned that there used to be a thread at the imageline forum with the exact same issue... Maybe I can download the older version with the working eq? Otherwise if there is no fix at the moment then I'm returning it...but I need to know asap before the returning period expire...please let me know. Thanks
  6. Hi I recently got deckadance and I'm having an issue with the EQ...The EQ high boost / cut doesn't work...I can move the knob up and down on the software but there is no cut or boost I can hear on the music...The mid and low are working just fine.. Any ideas? thanks
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