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  1. Am using a newly bought 2017 Standard T in an orchestral setting and need it to be in tune, really in tune all the time. I noticed the b string going sharp toward the end of each act, also the g string sharp in general. I asked that it be set up for 10s when I bought it. That was problem #1, they put 10s on it but didn't file the nut accordingly. Since the nut is milled for 09, 11, and 16, the 10 gauge ddario strings didn't fit the slots, so hence the the sharpness as time passed, so brought it to a tech who filed the correct gauges on the nut. Regarding the g string, I noticed while intonatin
  2. Picked up a 2017 Standard T at GC, loved the sound and feel of it. Compared it with a Tradional T and more expensive models. The Standard hit the sweet spot for me in every respect. I saw no need to go more expensive. After the Standard, I think the 'exclusive' additions after that level are mostly for cosmetic or 'signature' reasons. I preferred the weight relief. It still feels like a Paul, and I've owned a few over the years. As far as what else to get? What about a 335 or SG? Btw, it was interesting that the color (vintage burst) wasn't one of the four offered this year on the Standard. A
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