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  2. only on the cheap stuff! strings & picks! guitars i seem to be in a constant search to spend more money :)
  3. lol! i like them, whether its psychological or not i don't know! the vintage ones are thicker and dull the tone (in a good way) at least for me anyway! i seem to have settled on john pearse bronze 80/20s and the herco vintage picks - at least for the time being !
  4. herco vintage 66 are my favourite pick. I used to use herco gold flex 50, i'd read somewhere thats what neil young used ! i'm a big neil fan - used to think Martins were for me! but now play gibson almost exclusively since getting a 64 country and western ! i find the herco vintage really suit the way i play and i enjoy the tone more.
  5. me neither! i've found a really nice early 50s j45, but i'd have to get rid of a gretsch 6120 and a LG 2 to be able to afford it, not sure i can do it !
  6. this is great here's my acoustic EP - well me and my mate. a 64 country western was used on tracks 1,2 and 5 53 lg 2 on track 3 a levin goliath on track 4 a furch ga 23 cc on track 6 (since sold) would love to see what you guys think Andy
  7. I recently picked this one up when it was re-listed. Think i got it for a good price. https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-us/auction-catalogues/gardiner-houlgate/catalogue-id-srgard10078/lot-ddaa342b-406a-45ff-9e37-a82e011b3df5 i'm looking at getting the headstock and pick guard sorted. The fon number is too faint to make out. I'm guessing it late 30s but would love it if anyone can tell. This is already converted, the nut width is 45mm, which i like. Ideally i'd have preferred the neck to be a bit beefier. cheers Andy
  8. love ryan! my favourites from his official releases are: heartbreaker, love is hell and 29. ryan has also made many amazing albums that for one reason or another were never officially released. So i'd also check out some of those - in particular: suicide handbook, 48 hours and darkbreaker.
  9. I know this is an old thread but i just picked one of these up! mines mid 60s its labelled a LN26, its in fantastic condition for its age - its had a good set up and is as good as new. great guitar, seems to compliment my gibsons well, the levin has more of a martin scooped tone to it
  10. there is a piece of spruce on the back but its way off centre, to the left - it actually lines up with a repaired back crack which is what i thought it was originally, but maybe i'm wrong!
  11. Thanks will do. I've looked at the bracing and I can't see any evidence of ladder bracing but i'm no expert! Maybe its an lg2 top on a LG1 body - its a bit of a mystery!
  12. and this is the issue for me - i'm someone who does swap guitars a fair bit. If this is a LG1 thats been rebraced it'll be worth less that a beat up LG2, which is what i bought. It's definitely x braced I'll try and take some photos of the inside tonight. cheers Andy
  13. hi Jinder i agree, Glenns always been great and offered great service - i'm happy with the guitar. i didn't even notice the seam at the time as i just loved the guitar, it was only afterwards i noticed and then remembered a few posts id read that said the lack of the centre strip meant it was an LG 1. it would appear that this isn't always the case! i actually played this against a banner lg2 and a 30s l00 and preferred this guitar - its well played in! but sounds great Andy
  14. cheers Jed i've dealt with Glenn a few times and he's always been a good guy. The top is definitely X braced and the guitar sounds sweet. I'm just curious really - i've seen posts where people say if there's no centre seam its an LG1. Andy
  15. Hi everyone i recently picked up this 1953 gibson LG2 pic below lg2 the guitar has x bracing on the top but theres no centre seam in the sound hole. It's concerning me a little as all the pics i'm seeing online show the centre seam on LG2's. Is this a modified LG1 or did not all LG2's have the centre seam. the seller is saying lG2's were ladder braced on the back which i don't think is correct. cheers in advance Andy
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