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  1. thank you! The Rickenbacker is actually my first baby out of all of them
  2. I agree! I have a B5 on my Rickenbacker and I LOATHE stringing it
  3. Now I'm debating if I want a "RHYTHM/TREBLE" poker chip for the toggle switch.
  4. Got it! Its the modern version, not historic. It looks SO much better. Less really is more 👌
  5. Will the historic spec TRC fit the same screw holes?
  6. Hey guys and gals! Im thinking about getting a black (blank) truss rod cover for my new SG. I like the stock one that says "SG", but the black one looks really good! What do you guys think?
  7. I fell in love with Pelham Blue before I found out that AMS had it as a limited edition color, so it was originally going to be cherry. Once I found out about the limited PB, the choice was easy :D
  8. And the best part is my entire room smells like vanilla from the nitro finish! 😂 Smells good though 👍
  9. Thank you! It's great to be apart of the club. I've want a Gibson for a long time now 😁
  10. Thank you! Next I just need a good amp. I have all the guitars I need for now Haha. I'm stil rocking a Fender Mustang 1 😂
  11. Hey guys, newbie here! Just got my 2017 Gibson SG Standard in Pelham Blue. It's my first Gibson, and my first SG. I couldn't be happier with it! The setup is great and it sounds and plays perfectly 👍 So glad to be here!
  12. Awesome!! My 2017 SG will be here Saturday too!
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