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  1. It sounded great, and I am loving the Big Sky Texas.
  2. I just moments ago deleted a message from that address, I don't open mail from unknown persons.
  3. Congratulations, you are blessed. You are now one of few with the ability to provide us an A, B, C comparison on all three guitars. This could get very informative, sir. Enjoy your new purchase for many years to come.
  4. Thanks, Murph, that got my day off to to a great start
  5. Very well done, however, I have no idea about the lyrics.
  6. Merry Christmas, Holiday Hoser, you may now add Elf Tech to your resume. Prepare for quite a busy few days, and nights this time of year.
  7. Well done Sal, that is one of my many Willie favorites. the lead was really perfectly done, clean and pure.
  8. I appreciate what you have done here. I think it has come together very nicely. With zero recording background, I cannot get my mind around how long this must have taken. I am saving this for future inspiration. Thank you, Sir.
  9. "If we make it through December....", well, I made it through about 2 1/2 hours of a very interesting history lesson. Ren Ferguson is not only a talented artist, creator, craftsman, he is also a storyteller who can hold your attention for the duration of his tale. This should be on all players bucket lists.
  10. I guess I have my weekend planned-out now, binge listening to some of your music libraries. It should be a wonderful, relaxing time.
  11. When I got my J-15, back in Mar. of '17, I started to pay attention to humidification. My cases are humidified, and each has a hygrometer, as well as a hygrometer for the house. I check the reading each day so I could understand the swings in the levels in my home. My lowest level has been 46%, and the highest reading has 64%. Today the span has been 56-60%. I also maintain a constant temperature of 77 degrees year round. I think my guitars like it here.
  12. I imagine you could play 1,000 guitars and not one would sound this sweet, looks, that's another ball game entirely. Should I reach that age, I most likely will resemble that guitar!
  13. I am becoming a big fan of the mahogany top on a J-45, the notes just seem to be much cleaner and balanced, where the J-50 places more emphasis on the low, and mid-range to the detriment of the highs.
  14. Listening to you play this beauty is going to be a wonderful experience.
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