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  1. eBay has always been good to me as a seller. Reverb not so much
  2. Here’s the Link maybe that will work. Not missing much anyways if it doesn’t work
  3. It looks like it’s real but has been poorly sanded and refinished. The SG had that big headstock and weird body in the 70s. Over sand it, hit it with some Krylon, and viola
  4. Warmoth has a couple options for nitrocellulose Personally I would never use screws etc to fix the headstock. I had a friend who put a headstock back on an Ibanez with wood screws and gorilla glue and it held but was atrocious. As gdecant1 said you could glue the break back together then reinforce with a couple splines. Since the neck is already black with what looks like a clean break you have a good scenario for an invisible repair It’s a job for a luthier but since the first luthier didn’t fix it correctly it seems like someone else should do it
  5. Dweezil is so good at guitar how could you not like him?
  6. Probably all of your Epiphones are finished in polyester and I’m not criticizing you for it
  7. Today I also stripped all the tru oil from the Tele neck and shellac’d it. Sorry Rabs! That’s not because I don’t like tru oil, I just missed a couple scratches that I needed to sand out. I made a fresh batch of shellac the other night so that was a better choice for me vs the un-thinned tru oil at the time Here is a pic of my Tele neck, sealed in shellac but not coated with lacquer. Since this pic was taken I pretty much finished the neck minus the decal and final sanding/polishing. Then I played around with mixing the color for the Tele body but that didn’t come out too hot. The green dye didn’t dissolve all that well and I needed to strain it out better. The other problem was a mean case of fisheye because I didn’t seal the pine enough. Fisheye on a color coat = basura
  8. Ok guys it’s official.. the Jr will be complete someday. Lots more finish work today and I’m happy with everything but obviously it’s taking some time! I’m going to try to post a short video that shows the chatoyance a bit. So if it works pay attention to how the colors change depending on the viewing angle of the wood grain. It almost looks like the red is blotchy but it’s the grain
  9. That break looks totally fixable from here
  10. Nice. I like the little delay/double tracking effect that you did. Nice sound and props for posting your music
  11. The one that you linked looks like $18 per pickup. Where do you see the $18 complete set? Or have you bought a complete Strat set from GFS for $18?
  12. GFS does a complete Strat set for $18 or $18 per Strat pickup? They have a lot of options for the Strat so rather than me cluttering up the page with a bunch of links that nobody clicks on it would be easier to search “fleor strat” here’s one link ($25 for a complete set with free shipping) https://www.ebay.com/itm/FLEOR-SSS-Strat-Guitar-Pickup-Set-Alnico-5-Single-Coil-Pickups-Cream-Color-/303702130193?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
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