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  1. Well once I finally make my way over there I’d be happy to do some guitar smuggling for you if needed Here are a couple more pics of my Ric since I was just playing it. The grain of the maple has a really cool 3D appearance in person
  2. The strings are spaced wider at the bridge than they are at the nut, so the pole piece spacing is different from bridge to neck pickup
  3. Thanks for the insight Pip. That explains it This is a stupid question.. but what if you were to get a cheap flight to California and buy one for about $2,000. Would they tax it if you bring it back to the UK as luggage?
  4. Between the capsule and transformer (which I of course did not make) there is quite a lot of black magic here. Condenser capsules are made with incredible precision and engineering It is actually pretty simply to build a ribbon mic if that’s something you’re interested in. It is just a super thin aluminum ribbon suspended between two magnets, acting on the same principle as a guitar pickup (which I believe you have made?)
  5. Here’s a quick clip recorded with one of the KM84 clones https://m.soundcloud.com/the-velvet-elvis/martin-km84-clip Just had a little desktop mic stand at home which doesn’t really allow much flexibility whatsoever on mic placement lol but the sound certainly changes a lot when you point it at different parts of the guitar at different distances etc
  6. They’re also saying it’s a rosewood fretboard on that Ric. What noobs 😛
  7. I saw that and was shocked at the super high markup, so I had to look up your import tax rate to try and figure out how that’s possible. Looks like 20%? I think GV is “taking the piss”
  8. What is GV? What’s the price like on it? I’ve noticed such a wide range of prices on Rics
  9. Maybe you’re onto the next big guitar wood! Buttoned up my pair of KM84 clones. Did some quick testing with my acoustic and they sound great! It’s pretty hot here right now and I’m running the fan (too noisy for these sensitive mics) but I will shut that down in a bit to record a sample for you guys
  10. Glad you didn’t find the noise noticeable. I didn’t think it was bad at the time of recording but noticed it later. It’s inevitable with single coils anyway The Foxey Lady is one of those old pedals that leaves the input of the fuzz circuit connected in bypass which loads down your pickups causing some high end loss. In this case I don’t think it was noticeable and a Tele and twin have high end to spare anyways. It does have a difference, but it doesn’t ruin the sound like some other bypasses can
  11. Beautiful. I’d love so much to go there some time Two thoughts You say it’s hot but most people in the photos are dressed like its cold We’ve had several earthquakes here in SoCal the past couple weeks that would probably destroy so many of the old buildings you see there. We will never have any ancient brick structures here
  12. That walnut is mesmerizing! That archtop jig is so cool. Love that double cut shape
  13. Beautiful indeed.. imagine how incredible it would be to see/hear them live at this point in their career
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