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  1. Wow nice deal! That is such a cool guitar
  2. Of course I did! I still have that cigar box in my part stash. There were a few really cool unusual parts in there but at this point I don’t remember what Thats great to hear that you’re still listening to good music. I’m gonna check out that album today! btw I’ve been into a lot of bands lately of course but I can’t stop listening to Vektor
  3. Tis a battle to the death. You have a file and Chris has a razor
  4. Chris said the correct answer even though it wasn’t cool enough to garner trophies or hearts
  5. https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/USA7EU389/Non-Reverse-Thunderbird/Inverness-Green It’s always kinda exciting when Gibson makes a new bass. I’d love to try one of these out.
  6. Was it the guy with the guitar sitting parallel to the floor on his belly?
  7. The Hollywood GC is the best GC I’ve been to. It’s the original location. I actually found a peavey bass amp in the parking lot behind the store one time that I took home and my band used for years. Then my drummer friends’ band used it too. We bought a moog synth there that was incredible. lots of fond memories of that GC. It should have mojo by association That store is the only place I’ve played an original Casino now that I think of it. I think you’re in for a good experience
  8. I have a boss pitch shifter that does the same thing and way more and it cost me like $40 used. I was thinking this would be expensive but that’s just silly. For that kind of money you might as well buy a Strymon Mobius or something
  9. Thankyou guys for your input! I’ll probably be getting one soon I’ll let you know if/when I get one
  10. I’m a big CCR fan too. How cool that your band was mentioned. Love that 12 string on one of your songs on YouTube.
  11. The pickups do look like old T-tops Good luck with your old LP. Keep those wrists supple
  12. Beautiful SG. I have a 2006 SG Standard which I believe has the same specs. The best mod I did was to replace the pots with 500K and change the wiring. This made the guitar much clearer and less muddy sounding with the stock pickups. I used 50s wiring which I believe is “historically” incorrect for the SG but worked well for me in terms of sound/performance. After that I did end up changing the pickups as well, but mainly because my stock pickups were sortof out of spec and had a significant volume mismatch. At this point on my particular example I also need to replace the
  13. I’ve been looking at options for practicing/recording at low/silent levels at home and for a while I was looking at getting the Universal Audio Ox. The Ox is cool because it works with amps that I have, but the Kemper is potentially cooler because it works like amps that I don’t have. Another big thing is that with the Ox, I need to set up my amp, computer, and the Ox just to get playing. With the Kemper I can potentially just plug in my guitar and headphones and get playing right away. these things are similarly priced but the Kemper seems much more powerful and better sui
  14. I was thinking of building something like this but setting the neck before gluing the top, planing the whole surface down, then covering the neck joint with the top. I think that’s how the LP standard is made but could be wrong agreed that a pickguard would be a mistake on that top!
  15. Well I know for sure you can get a “made to measure” Les Paul Axcess. Our member Tman got a beautiful custom built gold LP Axcess and it is just amazingly nice looking I’m sure they can do the black V but I have heard one customer here who ordered a custom color through the made to measure program and was disappointed that Gibson was unable to exactly match a previous one off color. I think sparkling burgundy is a GM color so probably something they wouldn’t have a problem replicating. Point is that some colors are just a one off and Gibson can’t always replicate those
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