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  1. Might upset some people here but I’d send it back. It shouldn’t affect sound or playability but it’s a shame they sent it to you in this condition
  2. Haven’t updated cause we’re basically just watching lacquer dry but it looks like I’ll be able to polish and assemble the black Tele neck weekend. Tis coming out quite nicely as of yesterday
  3. Not to be a smartass but aside from an arch top or two didn’t Gibson basically introduce all of the desirable Epiphone models during that ‘57-mid 60s period? It seems Gibson giveth and taketh away
  4. When I read this it sounds more like scooby doo
  5. Do you have a honing guide? I’m really looking forward to your next build and hoping your next projects bring you some much needed peace
  6. You Mosrite/Ventures fans might like my old germanium Fuzzrite.
  7. Thanks bud! Have you had a chance to start on that silky plank you posted a couple pages back? btw Rabs look at this.. I got a nice Lie Nielsen low angle block plane with some “stimulus” cash. Just came in the mail yesterday. Here are the shavings from while I was adjusting the blade. It is so nice
  8. One interesting thing I just noticed.. check out how the black part of the sunburst covers all the contours on the side of the body. This is apparently because Fender was using poplar for bodies at the time with an alder veneer on the front and back (for translucent finishes)
  9. Put me down for two oak Blenheims
  10. I’m really excited about how this is gonna look. The neck came out really great too. I checked it with my profile gauge against my warmoth boatneck and mine came out almost identical but with slightly less shoulders. Which is pretty much exactly what I wanted so that’s nice. Should be great
  11. That looks like the same model my dad used to have. I used to love staring at it when I was a kid. Seeing the pics of it with that nut and those electronics and tailpiece brings me back in a weird way.. congrats that seems like a really good score
  12. The binding on the body and headstock looks so thin I wonder if it’s just paint
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