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  1. Yeah I remember them doing the locking jack and translucent cover plates. Does that have some kind of push pull pots or something too? Can’t remember why they were so proud of the electronics. Maybe it was the quick connect boards or when they changed back from them
  2. Wow you have a knack for finding nice one piece backs. That looks awesome! Congrats and nice pics
  3. We just went to Zion and Bryce Canyon a month ago. Maybe Yellowstone next year. Had a few glasses of Clicquot tonight and thought of you bud
  4. Holy shite just imagine.. somewhere at USPS somebody may have potentially gone slightly above and beyond the call of duty to make that happen. Unreal!!
  5. They still make electrical tape. They don’t still make original ‘76 Explorers. Take the tape off. If there happens to be damage under the tape that looks worse than the tape itself, you can just buy another roll of tape and pretend to be EVH all over If the finish is damaged under the tape then the finish is damaged under the tape. You can sell a guitar with damaged finish or a guitar with damaged finish and tape covering the damage. The value is hurt either way, just one option let’s the customer see what they’re getting and the other makes them guess. Most people spend less money to guess I would use naphtha to clean the adhesive residue. If you use another product, apply some to a hidden area of the finish such as inside the control cavity to make sure it doesn’t react with the finish
  6. Wouldn’t their “native land” be France?
  7. That thing sounds and looks great. I encourage your recent bout of double cut GAS 😃 What else have you been checking out?
  8. Either the maple trait is recessive or Steve really has been stackin Where is Rev David Lee at? That guy was buyin em up
  9. A competent luthier will fix that up in minutes. Unfortunately I have no idea who to recommend in the OP’s area but somebody here must know a good luthier in Missouri Could you post pics of the whole guitar just for us to ogle?
  10. The local post office can’t help at all unless the box is sitting right there in front of them and the tracking tells them so. Otherwise as frustrating and hard as it is to believe, the people at USPS have no information beyond what you’ve already seen on the tracking page. The seller should look on the USPS website to get instructions on what to do here. He needs to wait a period of time after the last tracking update to file a claim on the USPS website. I think it’s 30 days. From that point I really hope that since it’s ebay he has an easier time with the claims dept. They didn’t want to accept any of Reverb’s forms as proof of payment for me.. ebay should be more straightforward but I have found USPS is very motivated to not pay and I seriously hope he bought insurance cause he could be screwed. But he should pay you back before he gets refunded cause it’s gonna take a month minimum
  11. This seems like a great idea. It’s easy to imagine an intermittent connection developing in the hinge, but with Maxon in Japan I doubt that’s an issue. Maxon makes quality stuff and Japan is known for excellent quality metal work
  12. Where did you buy the guitar? You should be protected as the buyer, but the seller probably has no idea what he’s getting into. Especially if he didn’t pay for the proper insurance
  13. Ah man sorry you’re dealing with that. It’s much better to be on the buyer side of things in this circumstance with USPS. I had USPS lose a couple expensive microphones and to say it was a nightmare getting the refund is a HUGE understatement. Even though I specifically paid to insure the package for the value it sold for on reverb, getting USPS to pay up is incredibly difficult. Took me about 3 months and probably about 48 solid hours on hold
  14. Retired you don’t drill the entire truss rod channel if that’s what you mean. The channel is cut with a router or dado blade on the table saw (before the fretboard is installed) then usually you will need to drill an access hole at the heel or headstock depending on the type of neck. in the case of a modern factory made guitar, the channel would presumably be cut by CNC (essentially a router guided by a computer) Rabs is probably thinking it would have been easier for me to cut the truss rod channel when the neck was a big rectangular blank and he’d be right. But I didn’t have the trussrod at that point so instead I’m going to make a template out of 1/2” acrylic the shape of the neck also featuring the truss rod channel template
  15. Got a nice order from stewmac. Really happy with the quality of the stuff I got from them today
  16. Why would you use acrylic on nitrocellulose? And a paint chip at the store sounds like you’re recommending an opaque house paint? This is a valuable vintage guitar. I would leave the damage as is or take it to an excellent tech for whom this touch up is a piece of cake. All a luthier will need to do is mix some yellow dye in a small amount of nitrocellulose and dab a tiny bit on with a Q tip. But to do a shitty job of this will make it worse so don’t do anything unless you are going to do it right
  17. Thanks for listening I think you made a great decision. That is a really cool guitar that you have. It’s not a Les Paul but you can be assured the value is going nowhere but up in original condition
  18. Personally I’d think newer is better with these since they have gotten more accurate over the years. I’m not a fan of aging either though
  19. Dub-T-123

    Amp help

    One thing is for sure. You’re gonna need a monoprice stage right. Three different tone and gain controls so you can see a lot of knobs up there
  20. Dub-T-123

    Amp help

    Be careful there are mostly amp shaped objects in that category
  21. If I saw someone put that on and jump in the ocean I would be waiting for them to get blown out of the water by a great white
  22. Haven’t cut the deep v part of the “open book” and I may not. The final cutting of the “silhouette” is all done with template follower bits Just going with standard electronics (single dog ear p90) and hardware on this for the most part but I’ll be using Grover Rotomatics instead of the 3 on a plate type
  23. Dub-T-123

    Amp help

    Rabs what about building your own 5f1 or something? You can build the cab from scratch, use a quality speaker. You’ll have a much nicer amp for less money
  24. Thanks guys. I’m taking my time with each step but can’t wait to get it done. If I could work on it at my apartment it would progress a lot faster. Having lots of fun so far. Just got a new set of rasps in the mail today so after I get that truss rod in I can start shaping the neck (which I’m really excited about). Gonna use a stewmac “hot rod” double action trussrod so I’ll be installing the fretboard right on top of that. The neck is dead flat right now on the fretboard surface so that’s great. It was good to let the blank settle a week and plane it up again
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