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  1. Sucks that you aren’t where you want to be but it’s cool that you won’t have to worry about rent.

    You got anyone to jam with over there?


  2. Late reply here

    Hey Ken! Thanks for the suggestion, we did go to Kingston Mines and had a great time. The band was great, and the guitarist was playing a crazy triple neck guitar and shredding it up

    Take care!

  3. Thanks!

    I haven't heard of the germ. Is it based on an old circuit or something?

    The one that I wrote the guitar for is "walk over me". Other than that they were songs that they already wrote before I joined the band that I just "contributed" to lol

    We're gonna have some more well written and recorded stuff coming out soon though

  4. Hey man. I've been trying to find that song about volleyball girls that you posted a while ago. Who sings that?

    Also, we got a couple more amateur recordings up at soundcloud.com/androsstheband

    Check it out. They're not great but we've got some MUCH better stuff coming in a few months. Expect more happy sounds, leads from me, and groovy hooks coming soon :)

  5. Hey BG! I just saw in the MF sales tax thread you're a fellow Californian. What city are you in?

    I'm in Placentia.

  6. They still make ProCo pedals but I believe they're imported from China now and the sound isn't quite there anymore.

    It's a shame. They'd probably sell more if they just kept them how they were. I'm not really a distortion guy but this RAT was magical.

    I wonder if your friend built the one I just repaired? There were two names on the inside. Dave and Je...

  7. Also, I just repaired a vintage '87 RAT.. What an awesome pedal from your home state, man. It sounds incredible and it's probably the most solidly constructed pedal I've ever seen. It's just a brick..

    I love the woolly fuzz tones you can get out of it. It just explodes out of my amp. It seems like all the coolest gear comes from Kalamazoo

  8. Yeah dude the new kit sounds great! It's much louder than his old one and somehow just sounds way better. Like the kick is just super dry and punchy with no pillow or anything.

    I'm really glad you're digging the Small Stone. You're not getting any clipping with it are you? Also do you want me to order you that knob? I forgot about it

  9. Oh yeah the smaller tom normally mounts to the handle on the bass drum but they forgot to send him the little mounting bracket so it's on a stand in that pic. He got the bracket now but I took the pic right after he got it.

    What do you think? The hoops are mahogany with inlays that match the wrap

  10. Hey Jeremy. How's it going?

    I've been meaning to talk to show you this.. My drummer just got an awesome kit custom built by C&C drums.


    I forget the dimensions but it's like the same dimensions as Ringo's Ludwigs. 7 ply maple shells. It sounds so awesome

  11. Hey Cali. That's awesome that you guys met Kelly Slater! Sounds like a great time!

    I didn't make it out but I may still go. Not sure yet. How were the waves?


  12. Yeah there were a bunch of people that collaborated to trace the original circuit and measure the components about a year or two ago. The kinks have all pretty much been worked out now and people have been cloning it for a while

  13. Cool I was thinking maybe the OD808 would go a little better after the ****. I ran it before the **** at practice yesterday but I just left the 808 on the whole time. So good!

    Thanks man I got a little tired of the same old triangular knob layout all the time.

    I'm on kindof an OD kick right now. I think next I'll try the Klon :O))

  14. Dude the OD808 ******* rules! It's exactly what I was looking for!

    How do you use it with your **** od and fuzz? After both?

  15. The Wee Beaver looks pretty cool. It's actually a lot more work to cram a circuit into a small box like that so I wouldn't knock the price. It's pretty fair if it sounds really good.

  16. I've seen the builder post his stuff in the DIY pics thread at ilovefuzz and it looks really nice but I haven't tried any of their stuff in person.

    I think Kayzer (aka xtimehascomex on YouTube) has some demos of their stuff.

    What are you scopin out by them?

  17. That sounds interesting. A photo would be cool if you have the time to snap one.

    I'm looking to build a Ge Bender and Fuzzrite now :O

  18. About that Fuzz Face.. You'd be disappointed with the output. It's not much louder than unity. It is one groovy sounding fuzzbox though. Running it into the **** OD really brings it to life and as always, adding the SHO before it tightens it up nicely. I'm in pure psychedelic heaven right now.

    What transistors did you end up swapping into your FF?

  19. I was just listening to EVOL and man it's been way too long since I've listened to Sonic Youth. That album is so amazing.

    Let's detune our guitars and make some crazy noises.

  20. Yeah I heard it on the radio when I was driving. I think Henry Rollins was actually DJing when they played it haha

    I got to where I was driving and sat in my car for like 5 minutes to hear the name of the band. I was mainly just mesmerized by the drums.

  21. Check out dis groovy jam I discovered on the radio tonight


  22. Cool! I hope you can find some use for it!

  23. How are you hombre?

    Everything good with the Rat?

  24. It sounds awesome on guitar. Quite meaty and woolly indeed with an interesting "bloom" on chords or loud notes and an awesome "ripping" fuzz sound.

    Yeah I could make you a SHO or a Super Duper 2 in 1. I have a populated 2 in 1 board I just need to get a box for it and wire it up.

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