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  1. I love my 5e3 and twin reverb with any guitar I have
  2. Sounds like a good trade to me. I know Godin is a Canadian brand. Not sure I’ve ever tried one. That looks really nice, love the natural maple
  3. Johan is a good player with a good ear. If you watch his other videos, he can make any piece of gear sound good Personally I like the way they sound but they must be the noisiest pickup ever. They have so much hum I tend to only like them on a very clean amp. The video didn’t change my opinion at all. I liked the p90s clean and thought they were excessively noisy on anything else. Maybe additional shielding could help. I’m a humbucker guy most of the time but everything has its place. I really like what other people do with p90s but I can’t stand the hum myself
  4. I was watching an interview with Steve Albini where he talked about recording Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. He mentioned that Jimmy Page deliberately does not edit or re record mistakes as long as the mistake doesn’t distract from the overall statement he’s trying to make. You can hear this in just about any of the great old players. The Beatles, Stones, even Kenny Burrell. Going slightly off topic I can’t really think of Jimi being in this category. His playing was so fluid I can’t really think of guitar mistakes. But he was known to not be a fan of his voice and he let that go
  5. I’ll be sticking with SIT. https://m.juststrings.com/sit-s1046.html $3.89 a set for the best strings I’ve tried. Just give them a shot, you won’t be disappointed
  6. Looks heavy indeed I was thinking this was gonna be the next evolution of the door.. you just bring home a log and turn it into a guitar 😄
  7. That is ****ing COOL. As far as I know he still owns and operates it. What a cool idea for a studio This was mentioned on another forum and some people added that Joe Walsh recorded Life’s Been Good on a boat and Thomas Dolby has a solar powered boat studio
  8. That thing looks ridiculously nice. Congrats! Love the way the grain kinda goes the opposite direction of the waist. It kinda exaggerates the grain and body shape at the same time.
  9. I was listening to a tape op interview and one guy was talking about recording Don McLean (I think) and said he cut a hole in a sheet of plexiglass and stuck Don’s head through it. Then he had a mic below the sheet for the guitar and a mic above the sheet for vocals. The idea was that he had to do a ton of edits and couldn’t have bleed. Kinda like a dog cone
  10. It’s a reissue of an earlier version of the p90 called the staple pickup
  11. I think I saw Benadryl Cabbagepatch
  12. That does look like a great deal. I’ve played one old Dove and it was the best sounding Gibson acoustic I’ve ever played. I can’t find any pictures but I could swear it had an adjustable bridge.
  13. This is actually really interesting. When I record myself playing acoustic I can always hear my shirt touching the guitar and basically every little movement. I didn’t notice any handling noise in this video. Ive seen Steve Howe (one of my idols) playing acoustic held on a stand as well
  14. I would be overwhelmed and not know what to do.. My gut instinct would be some kind of amazing LP custom, similar to what Tman got recently. But is that really the guitar I would play all the time? I have no idea. I like ME’s idea of the L5
  15. Sure doesn’t look great to me.. The cost of shipping those pallets is going to be considerable. There is no guarantee that all 8 amps aren’t broken or defective. That model amp can be had for $250 or less all day long. Let’s say best case scenario all 8 amps work fine, then you have a pallet of amps to deal with and they’re worth about $2K for the whole lot. That is one of the most desirable looking lots out of the whole thing and it’s not great. I’m probably being too negative but I looked through the auction and it looks like a load of shite
  16. Stewmac sells copper shielding tape with a conductive adhesive on it. I’ve used it to fix noise problems in my Gibson and other guitars
  17. The gforce thing is probably a cooler idea than I’ve given it credit for
  18. It’s just the way nickel tarnishes. If you put chrome covers on it won’t do that
  19. Echo Park is an area of LA where they’re from if that makes any more sense
  20. I dunno if outsourcing is really the right word? Licensing seems more accurate since it’s not being sold as Gibson
  21. We didn’t just hate the electronics. We hated everything about it. You could spend a fortune replacing all the electronics, hardware, refinishing, inlaying, and have yourself a polished turd. At that point people probably wouldn’t be willing to pay even what it cost to modify the guitar, let alone an amount which would help Gibson recoup anything The problem here was not that the guitars were destroyed, it’s that they were made in the first place. It was an idiotic idea. The consumers were smart enough to not buy
  22. It is presumably only joined on the bottom of the tenon. But I get it 😎
  23. A poorly executed neck joint. Notice the gaps on both sides of the neck below the fretboard
  24. That statement sounds like BS to me. How could any part of that guitar be “unsafe” in a way that is not salvageable? I can’t think of a single possibility
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