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  1. Nice I’m sure you’ll love that and the association with Pantera is cool
  2. Around the 2 minute mark I was getting the chills. Completely mesmerizing and beautiful. Thanks for posting
  3. Nice, Brad. What pedal did you get?
  4. I’m not knowledgeable about the business side of things but as a consumer I tend to agree. Their old stuff was almost stupidly overbuilt, but very functional. The newer stuff that I’ve tried just doesn’t excite me at all I had a small solid state amp from them called the Backstage 30 or something like that.. that thing sounded great to me. 3 or 4 knobs and just sounded nice Theres a guy on another forum I’m at who used to work as an engineer for Peavy and he is brilliant (he designed the flanger that you hear on Barracuda). I’m not sure if they have anyone like that anymore or maybe they ignore their engineers to save money
  5. I’m not a huge fan but I look forward to watching this which I can’t say about the recent Queen and Elton John movies
  6. It does look satin in the photos I have Tonerider pickups on my Warmoth Strat and they are great. They are pretty much just what you’d expect based on the description on the site. They are quality stuff as far as I can tell.
  7. One thing I wonder is how is the pickup switching achieved? Is only the pickup currently at the top connected, or are they always in circuit? For sure the pot values have to be compromised between the ideal value for humbuckers and single coils. In the video I don’t really notice a lot of amazing sounds. It’s kinda like a muddy single coil sound then he adds a ton of distortion every time he uses the humbucker
  8. I offered $35 and told the guy he’s an idiot. Hope I get it
  9. Well it’s in “very good” condition
  10. Is the volute an option that you selected from made to measure or did it just come with that? Out of curiosity did you order in 2018 or 2019?
  11. What type of build are you planning with that?
  12. That is stunning! Oregon is such a beautiful state. I need to spend more time up there. Plus no sales tax 😛
  13. The more I look at this guitar, the more I want one. Seriously one of the coolest looking LPs I’ve seen
  14. Regardless of the association with Janie, these certainly never had a chance to be “authentic” Not only has Dunlop ALWAYS failed at this, but the enclosure size alone does not even allow for an accurate clone of any of these circuits being referenced For me this type of stuff is basically laughable and certainly not worth looking into, but it would be nice if somebody was able to make great music with these anyway
  15. That’s cool. I’ve never used that wood before but I looked it up and apparently the tree is poisonous? the edge looks sweet
  16. That LP is BADASS. I was so sad to hear how the fire hit you but I’m glad things are getting better. Even Mick Ronson or Marc Bolan would be jealous of this LP
  17. Well once I finally make my way over there I’d be happy to do some guitar smuggling for you if needed Here are a couple more pics of my Ric since I was just playing it. The grain of the maple has a really cool 3D appearance in person
  18. The strings are spaced wider at the bridge than they are at the nut, so the pole piece spacing is different from bridge to neck pickup
  19. Thanks for the insight Pip. That explains it This is a stupid question.. but what if you were to get a cheap flight to California and buy one for about $2,000. Would they tax it if you bring it back to the UK as luggage?
  20. Between the capsule and transformer (which I of course did not make) there is quite a lot of black magic here. Condenser capsules are made with incredible precision and engineering It is actually pretty simply to build a ribbon mic if that’s something you’re interested in. It is just a super thin aluminum ribbon suspended between two magnets, acting on the same principle as a guitar pickup (which I believe you have made?)
  21. Here’s a quick clip recorded with one of the KM84 clones https://m.soundcloud.com/the-velvet-elvis/martin-km84-clip Just had a little desktop mic stand at home which doesn’t really allow much flexibility whatsoever on mic placement lol but the sound certainly changes a lot when you point it at different parts of the guitar at different distances etc
  22. They’re also saying it’s a rosewood fretboard on that Ric. What noobs 😛
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