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  1. Dang! What kindof AC30 are you getting?

    The El Cap is the bees knees. I have yet to check, but whether it colors the sound or not it sounds ******* incredible with the AC30.

    Not to sound like I'm trying to sell you something or anything but next month madbean is releasing a Deluxe Memory Man circuit board and I'll definately be building a few. I'll sell th...

  2. I'll have to do a side by side comparison with it in true bypass and on to check. I've never really thought about it much.

    But off the top of my head, it depends on how you have it set. If you have the tape age up for darker repeats and the mix set around 50/50 it darkens your sound. The dry signal seems to stay in tact

  3. Aww sorry to hear that about your amp man. I hate having to sell sweet gear!

    No rush. You know where to find me.

    Good luck

  4. I bought it from culturejam over at ilf. He's also a mod at freestompboxes.org. If you PM him he'll hook you up he's a real nice guy. His PCBs are nice they're small and they have big pads that are easy to solder on.

  5. Hey man! Yeah I'll sell them for $55. The sound really relies a lot on your amp since it's just a clean boost so it would be best to get your amp how you like it first.

    I buy my enclosures from here


    you cam choose any color you want from there.

    Don't worry I can build one any time the...

  6. No problem man. If you want I'll show you where to get a really nice pcb for one so you can just build one yourself. It's a real easy build and it gives a tube amp the coolest crunch ever.

  7. Hey man I finished building/testing the Super Hard On clone today and it came out really well.

    Do you still want it? No worries if you don't.

    I'll have to upload some pics I put it in a sparkley orange/gold enclosure with a cool knob and a pink led.

  8. Haha no worries man. So what did you do in rural Michigan?

    I emailed you that clip or whatever btw

    hope the transistion back into reality goes smoothly hehe

  9. That's pretty sweet. I was looking around on that website and they have some really cool stuff.

    I like this hahah


  10. Haha that's cool I know what you mean.

    Dr Scientist is pretty rad. Even if you don't join ILF, you should check out the builders there. They're the best.

    I'm getting some sweet parts for an MKl Tone Bender build. NOS Mullard OC75 and Texas Instruments 2G382s and old carbon comp resistors and caps. It's gonna be SWEET.

  11. Yeah that demo was done by Ryan, the builder. It was on the breadboard in that demo but I'm pretty sure it's the same as the regular production one.

    Dr Scientist rocks.

    Dude you should join us over at ILF. It's not just fuzz, or really just pedals. But mostly pedals haha. There's a section about DIY and a buy/sell/trade where you can get the sweetest deals.

  12. Yo dem00n have you checked out the Dr Scientist The Elements? I saw this demo today and it made me think of you

    What do you think man? I think this was recorded with a camera mic, so take that and YouTube compression into consideration haha

  13. Haha alright I'll send it out later.

    I'd love to hear it man. It's just got to be a .wav file or I don't think I can listen to it. Delay freakouts and magical places make my little world go round. Oh yeah and FUZZ.

  14. Ran out of space there.. I was saying I'll send you an iPhone/el cap recording of part of the new song if you want to hear it.

    I hope you really enjoy your vacation man! Take it easy.

  15. I'll probly just sell the SHO clone for like $50 shipped.

    Thanks for asking. The recording is going pretty well but I've had some family over from australia for the past 3 weeks so I haven't been able to get together with my friend in a while. We've got a bassist lined up and we're looking for a keys/guitar guy too. Got a new song in the works too. I can send you ...

  16. Haha yeah man if you want one hit me up I know this dude that I can get awesome NOS parts from. I'm getting some parts for a point to point wired MKl Bender clone. If you want I'll send it to you for a test drive when it's done.

    Also, I just ordered some parts for a SHO clone. I already have a SHO, I'm building it just to sell it, so if you want it hit me up.

  17. Hey just a heads up proguitarshop.com is giving away a lofi 616. I think you can enter here proguitarshop.com/freepedalfriday (I just typed that in so it might be wrong.

    Also, you should commission me to build you a custom Tone Bender called THE LIGHT BENDER haha

  18. Sweet man. I've been wanting to install a vibrato on my SG too.

    I just sold a pedal, so I'm gonna use some of the money to get a new pickguard to fit the p90. So as soon as I get that I'm throwin that sucker in there.

    I'm also gonna use some of the money to build some pedals. I'm thinking first off I'll make a super mojo-riffic tonebender MKl clone....

  19. The discount code is summer10 but it's only good until 7/31

    how are you likin the new SG anyways man?

  20. thought you might like this. I'm trying real hard to resist the urge to buy one. With proguitarshops discount thing they've got going right now it's $135 shipped. I just need to keep my eye on the prize.

  21. Hey XDemon I just blew up your inbox with a couple recordings.

    Tell me what you think man.

  22. Ah man. That's a bummer. I played an old '60s ac15 once and the new stuff isn't even close. I mean I don't think vintage = better but the old Vox amps are seriously magical. You should keep an eye out for another.

    If we see that thing pop up in a NAD thread, it's goin down.

  23. Dude! That looks awesome! I don't think you can really beat a good old ac30 handwired or not. If you get that I'm gonna be so jealous.

  24. Or ya know.. I could just start my own business and make all the money myself. Haha jk go for it if you want. I'm thinking op amp muff for the foundation.

    My op amp muff build is nearing completion. It's taken a long time because it's at my brothers house and I don't have a soldering iron. I'm thinking about selling some stuff and putting the money towards diy pr...

  25. Yo Fred you gave me an idea for a gnarly Muff that I want to build.

    I wanna take a good ol Big Muff circuit, replace the sustain pot with a resistor, and totally omit the tone control.

    Socket the diodes and resistor in place of the sustain pot and see what sounds cool, and maybe add a starve.

    Whaddaya think man? I'm gonna have to do it. I can't stop thin...

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