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  1. How much are you planning on selling it for?
  2. Dub-T-123

    SG GT

    I'm not exactly a "purist" but that is not for me at all. I'm glad you like it though because it's always an awesome experience to have a guitar that you love.
  3. If you break the neck you're doing something wrong. Just use common sense with it. I wouldn't see that as a deciding factor. It's more of a preference of upper fret access.
  4. I want an LP for graduation!
  5. That's cool! I like the satin yellow one. If I had one I'd put covers on the pups, top-hats, and a black pickguard on it. Are you planning on any mods?
  6. I don't think the "thinness" would be a problem. Look at how thin many of Ibanez's guitars are that are equipped with a big locking bridge. To me it's more of a question of whether you think it's worth it or not. Also for some reason drilling in the crucial area under the nut (for a locking nut) seems like it would compromise it's strength.
  7. You could put a floyd rose on it. I've seen pictures of Iommi with a floyd equipped SG. With that being said I wouldn't recommend it. It would require extensive drilling and routing. As far as making one it depends on what kind of skill and tools you have. Either way I doubt it would be easy. It could be cool though.
  8. Wine red is much darker than heritage cherry. The wine red is also much more opaque.
  9. Well said, Are Nine. I agree 100%
  10. I love the pickguard mod on your supreme. I personally don't really like the supremes but I LOVE yours. Do you have more pics?
  11. So I played the Hendrix V. Not gonna lie I was disappointed. There was an intense buzzing problem. It wasn't so much a buzz sound. But there was a lot of string/fret contact so it was super annoying sounding and there was no sustain. The neck was great and everything and it looks about as cool as possible... just needed simple set-up.
  12. Have you seen the Hendrix reissue V? It's soo sweet. I'm going to g-center Hollywood today and they have one. I didn't play it last time but I'm definatly playing it today.
  13. Well it's a beautiful SG. Mine doesn't have such nice grain. And it's 2 piece. But it's my favorite guitar ever. I wouldn't ever even think about selling it or trading it. I just love everything about it.
  14. Shred bringer your SG has beautiful grain. One-piece too huh? Are Nine...I'm jealous. My local shops got one exactly like that and it's sooo nice
  15. I like those. I'd take a jazz bass or a hofner over it any day though.
  16. I play music because it gives me something to do. I feels good and it's always fresh and challenging. You can never get good enough so it's a constant growth/progression. And I love writing music. I love it when I can think of something and then execute it perfectly (rare). But when it happens it happens. I don't have a computer just my phone. so I can't post my songs. whenever I can I'd love to show my music to whoevers listening.
  17. Sorry Are Nine I should have worded that differently. When I said what you prefer I didn't mean models I meant variances in wood, feel and tone.
  18. I got a great deal on my standard too. I paid about $800 when the price was $1429. My brothers friend works at g-center so I was able to get a "family discount". No case to save a hundred bucks cause I already had a perfect fitting case at home. SGs are the best. I want one of those classics but I'm looking into the 339. They're awesome.
  19. yeah that's what I've been looking at. I've found awesome deals on them on craigslist. I'm just a po' boy so I'm limited to buying used right now.
  20. Luap. Don't let the SGs shape fool you. It has a much softer side.
  21. Simon P your right. The SG can get an awesome jazztone. It's all about the neck pickup. However in my experience I've never gotten a good clean tone with either tone knob at 0. It just sounds muffeled. With a little distortion the neck (or bridge) toned down get creamiest sound ever. And this is ironically exactly what Clapton did in cream. But yeahexcellent for jazz.
  22. thanks alot man! I'm probly gonna get an all tube head anyways. I really want a plexi. Soo expensive though.
  23. Alot of old SG customs were cherry with white pickguard. There's also a current custom model that's cherry (new cherry) with a white 61 style pickguard. My local shop had one and it was very nice. Eldiablo.. I'm in Yorba linda/ placentia area. I put my hand in like tony iommi and claptons handprints. Claptons hand fits like a glove. Peter framptons hands are tiny. And Steve Vais hands are huge with six fingers on his left hand lol.
  24. More like my amp insurance policy (void). I can't think of a situation where I'm playing guitar and suddenly my amp bursts into flames so I just sit there and let it burn my house down. Don't get me wrong.. it would suck pretty hard.
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