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  1. Haha yeah I'll record you something no problem. What do you want to hear? The vibrato?

    I was thinking I'd do clean then clean + cosmichorus, then a couple fuzzes with and without cosmichorus, then a good old fashioned loop with cosmichorus on everything. How does that sound?

    If you've got something you want to hear let me know

  2. Sorry for such a wordy response. I'll record you a little demo of what I'm talkin about if you want. But if you like lofi toanz, this is the coolest pedal (and the chorus is amazing no matter what you like)

  3. Cont.. It rolls off some high end when the blend is all the way wet (vibrato). Even with the tone knob there's a pretty noticable high end roll off. So not everyone would like that but personally I love the way it "colors" my sound. It's the master of lofi disater. The high end roll off is very tape-like. I've been using it on everything lately.

  4. Dude. It's SO GOOD. I never thought I could feel this way about a chorus. I'm not a big fan of chorus and I don't really use it for chorus, but it sounds really good for that. Better than my Strymon Ola did. It's definately the best chorus I've heard. But I use it for vibrato. The vibrato isn't for everyone. It's pretty unique and not transparent at all. It rolls of ...

  5. Right on man. When you record something you should send it my way! I'd love to hear it, whatever genre it may be.

    Also, if you're ever feelin the need for some fuzz soaked amatuer hour riffage you know who to call.

  6. Got any new tunes man?

  7. Bro. Something has been confusing me ever since I joined ILF...

    Are you bob the robot or giant robot over there?

  8. ...What it is. It kinda makes you think about all these "boutique" pedal builders.. It's easy to fall into the hype and forget that they're usually just clones of an existing pedal with a few tweaks. It's easy to think that because something costs more and is handmade it's automatically better when the Alpha Drive shows that even cheap pedals can sound great with a few t...

  9. Hey I didn't see your posts about the El Cap till just now. I feel the same way about it it's easy to use and sounds incredible. I wasn't much of a delay fan either before I got it but now it's my second favorite effect behind fuzz. I love looping with it!

    I'm sorry you got taken advantage of by Freekish Blues. Hopefully you can still just enjoy the pedal for ...

  10. AWESOME!

    How are you liking it so far? It takes a while to really figure it out but I knew it was love the second I plugged in.

    Tell me what you think about it!

  11. Hells nah. Seriously though you should really think about picking one up. I know they're pretty expensive but they're so amazing.

    I'm literally mesmerized by mine when I use it.. It's so ridiculously good it's almost a problem because I just want to smother everything in it's greatness.

  12. Dude you need an El Capistan.

  13. Don't be ashamed. Fred's a hottie with a rockin body.

  14. I couldn't help but notice you and Fred so I thought I'd spice things up with some crabs and rebelliousness.

  15. (\/)i_i(\/)

    viva la resistance!

  16. Ah I see.

    That's cool about the p94. I can dig em. I was just giving you a hard time because I know how you are about Bigsbys and strings and stuff.

    I've only using my Tele with my band lately. As much as I love my SG right now I'm just lovin the way my Tele sounds. So I feel your pain with the humbuckers.

  17. Haha. I just read the meat on lent thing. Nice...

    Also just wanted to harass you about the whole p90 thing a little bit.

  18. Over off the 91? Never fished there. I've driven by it about a million times though.

  19. Orange County in a city called Placentia. It's near Fullerton and Anaheim.

  20. Are you a fan of the ZVex SHO or is that just a coincidence?

    I just ordered my first ZVex pedal. It's one of the painted Fuzz Factories. I really want pretty much all of their pedals I love ZVex.

  21. No I haven't found a kit because I got a bit distracted. Thanks for the recommendations though I bookmarked them for when the time comes ;-)

  22. Hey I like the new sig picture. Your Custom is so sweet!

  23. Hey I was wondering where you got your amp kits.

    I want to get a clone of an old Princeton reverb (or maybe even a deluxe or twin).

    Any recommendations? I would ideally like to get one that's fairly priced but quality components are very important to me of course.

  24. Haha yeah that's what I love about alternate tunings. It also forces me to play sort of out of the box and ditch a lot of my boring old ways of playing haha.

    I have a class today but when I get out I'm gonna try out DADGAD. Thanks

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