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  1. I gotta come back and say surprisingly no I actually feel more excited about the guitar each time I open the case and pick it up. If anything I like the guitar more now than the day I got it! Actually the LP is making me reconsider the redundancy of my non Gibson guitars. I could see myself selling the Ric and a Strat to get maybe a Gibson with P90s or something I don’t wanna sound like a Gibson fanboy but I think since I’ve done almost all my guitar practicing on the SG, there’s something about that Gibson feel that I bond with. When I pick up a Strat I just can never get into it. The Ric is great but the neck is just too wide and flat for my hand it starts to cramp after a while
  2. That is unbelievable... so sorry to hear that I was excited to come read your post saying you got it
  3. They must have because I can’t find it. But seriously yes they do
  4. I want to give you guys the aforementioned “complete skippy” but I’m not sure where to begin Aesthetically the guitar is a 10/10. It is flawless and as far as I can tell looks identical what you’d think a brand new ‘59 would look like. The case is actually really nice in person but you can see that the guitar is supported by the neck in the case. There is a big gap between the back of the guitar and the bottom of the case around the neck joint area. The tuners seem to be able to hit the sides of the case somewhat so I’d be worried about it taking an impact in that case The neck of the guitar is beautiful. The fretboard binding is thinner than Im used to on my Standard SG which gives a little more space to the E strings. The side dot inlays are tortoiseshell which have a beautiful translucent quality that really looks nice when you’re holding the guitar. The fretboard is beautiful dark rosewood and the inlays are beautiful. The Gibson inlay on the headstock is sortof a gold bubbly looking material that looks extremely nice and way cooler than the MOP on my Standard SG. The headstock veneer is noticably thinner than my SG and somehow the headstock shape just looks a little more “correct” or something. Tuners are drilled in a nice straight line and feel tight and accurate. They didn’t install any tuner crooked which really pleases me The feeling of the neck is harder to describe but Wildwood includes measurements of the neck thickness at the nut and 12th fret which helped me choose this one. The thickness of this one is pretty much between the avg 60s and 50s spec and feels awesome. It’s substantial but fast. My hand doesn’t cramp up with this neck and you can do any extreme bend with ease and no problems. The nut appears to be bone and is just perfectly cut. I’m not sure how much Wildwood altered this if at all but it is as good as it gets. The string spacing is absolutely ideal and gives the neck a precise and accurate feel The fretwork is flawless. It looks beautiful and has no buzzes or weak spots or anything weird. Just flawless. The woods themselves have beautiful chatoyance and grain. The maple has mineral streaks and all that. The ‘hog is beautiful and light weight. Plucking a single string causes the body to resonate with more power than I’ve experienced on another guitar. You feel the whole guitar resonate with each note. I have to say this resonant quality is so noticeable it makes me wonder if there’s really something to the hide glue construction. The pickups are just magical. I don’t know how much of the sound is the guitar and how much is the pickups but this thing sounds punchy, clear, powerful, smooth, articulate, blah blah. It sounds ridiculously good. Just more punchy and bold and clear than my SG with $$$ BareKnuckle pickups. The action of the pots is super smooth and effective. I plugged into my 5e3 bright channel 1 somewhat cranked and the LP will go from Kenny Burrell to the Stooges without touching the amp. And each sound is GOOOOOD Overall I don’t think there is anything negative to be said about the quality of the guitar. If I had to point out a negative it would be that I don’t have a lot of confidence in how much the case will protect the guitar. If I find a negative aspect of the guitar I’ll let you guys know but my overall opinion is that 2020 Gibson Custom Shop seems to have set the bar higher than ever before. This guitar was dated mid/early March 2020 btw so most likely the actual build took place before quarantine etc took effect in the US
  5. Thankyou Steve and Chris!! I am finding myself just lost in this guitar. I am kindof stunned at how much I love it right away. It feels like magic. I actually think this may be the best guitar I’ve ever played. Gibson has done such a great job on this I am just blown away
  6. I think I’m in love 😍🥰 I’m gonna go back to playing but wow I am so impressed with Gibson Custom Shop in 2020 this is just awesome
  7. Not gonna lie if I had the choice it would have been a plain black case. I understand why they did the “historic” case but I’m only interested in the guitar. The case looks kinda tacky to me
  8. The LP is scheduled to arrive today around noon. I’ve taken the day off work in anticipation
  9. My dad used to have a business right next to the Ric factory and always fantasized about meeting George Harrison or pulling a 360 out of the dumpster
  10. Looks great congrats Steve. What model is that? And what is the next/final purchase gonna be?
  11. Wow an overdrive/distortion/fuzz with new/unique concepts and it actually sounds good? I anticipate this being super popular I have to hand it to them that is a great design and great sounding pedal. As mentioned in the video the sliders will probably be much less reliable than sealed rotary pots for example but what a cool design. One thing I noticed is that when he pushes the gain slider up a lot of the action seems to be at the last maybe 5% of travel. In other words they didn’t seem to get that slider in the correct taper IMO but compromised because they wanted the sliders. Still very very cool
  12. Lol I asked them to send me a picture of it in the sun in the parking lot or wherever. The black background on their site makes it hard for me to contextualize the color. The color being incredibly important of course 🤓
  13. You gotta love the classic Gretsch sound but the current incarnation of the brand is confusing to me. I am consistently appalled by the quality (or lack thereof) of the Electromatic line and from there it’s like a $6K jump to the next model. In my experience it is incredibly rare to find a current production high end Gretsch in a music store. With that said their high end products seem to garner positive reviews. Our member Retrosurfer got a beautiful mint green Gretsch and I seem to remember him saying it was his most played guitar. And he has a considerable collection The US Casino surely must be delayed by covid-19. I’m sure it is still coming
  14. Dub-T-123


    Wow that is beautiful!! Congrats. I’d love to hear a recording of it if possible Anybody here know how to restring these things or maybe a video link showing how?
  15. Thanks everybody! It was great hearing from you guys. I absolutely can’t wait to get my hands on this thing. Here’s another pic from Wildwood while we wait
  16. Hey guys how have you been?! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here but I had to check in to share my excitement because I pulled the trigger on a 59 reissue “burst” from Wildwood last night. Here’s one of the pics from Wildwood
  17. Thanks Twang, a friend recommended a luthier here and I am planning on taking my guitar down to his place this weekend
  18. I thought it was mid engine with front and rear storage? Seems like a fair amount of space but I haven’t seen one to know for sure Congrats Twang
  19. That JHS guy is creepy. Grow some eyebrows ya weirdo
  20. Hey guys. I’m wondering if you have any resources or advice on how to track down and eliminate buzz in an old acoustic guitar I have a 1952 Martin which sounds and plays great. Only problem is that something is buzzing on the guitar. I have a lot of tools and am generally a very capable DIYer, but should I just take this to a luthier or is this something that can be easy to fix? thanks in advance for any help
  21. 😱 my tube based flanger and delay are sure to be obsolete, and neither even have an “extreme” mode The headrush definitely has my tube looper doomed
  22. I built and biased/tested another pair of the KM84 clones this weekend. This pair has less expensive 3U transformers I would love to be playing with these things right now but I’m in the middle of moving and my home recording stuff is packed away at the moment. Will have more time soon!
  23. Tape me down to a pair of nice titties
  24. I must admit I am jealous to see this other pedal with handwritten labels on your board. Who is this imposter and how long has this been going on? I thought we had something special
  25. Big corporations have to use lead free solder which doesn’t flow like 63/37 that we know and love. Actually looks fine considering that but homeboy did burn the insulation a bit. No big deal
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